EBDL November Tournament

2020 — CA/US

School Sweepstakes:

1) OIS - 72% win rate

2) Dorris Eaton -- 62% win rate


If you're having issues:

- First step is to ask your coach

- Tabroom troubleshooting: try to close your browser window then reopen it, then try to log out and back in

- Make sure you're on Google Chrome when joining competition rooms

- Make sure you're logged in with the correct email - ask your coach if not sure which email to use



9:00: Check in Student Debaters & Judges

-Coaches will meet their students in their regular online debate classrooms. During this time, coaches will give announcements and reminders and any last-minute questions.

-Debaters & judges will be directed to the room they are debating in via Tabroom links.

9:15: Debate Round 1

10:30: Debate Round 2

11:45: Lunch

12:30: Debate Round 3

2:00: Debate Round 4


Rules for Online Debates

  • No heckling

  • Only 3 POIs per speaker

  • 15 second grace period for technical issues. If a speaker on your team happens to lose connection, be ready to take over their speech.

  • Be prepared to self-time since it will be difficult to see time signatures from the judge.

  • There should be NO filming/recording of debates. Doing so will disqualify you from participating in this tournament and possibly future tournaments if the violator is persistent.

General Announcements for All:

  • You must use Google Chrome to log into the competition rooms

  • To enter your debate or judging room, click on your email on the top right of the page. In "Current", there should be a list of the rounds. In the latest round, there is a blue video camera icon; clicking on it will send you to your debate room.

  • We will continue to have prep times between rounds, mostly in order to give the tournament directors time to compile results and create new pairings. Coaches will be meeting their debaters in whichever room/format/program that they have set up at school.

  • Debaters and judges should stay logged into Tabroom and the email they used to register. Announcements, pairings and results will be emailed and posted on Tabroom, but access to a debate room will only be possible through Tabroom.

  • This is the first time that we are using this system, so there will be bugs and issues. We are certainly anticipating those, but hoping for the best. If anything should go wrong, please contact me through email as soon as possible and we will do our best to address it. We thank you for your patience and your time.

  • On the day of, tournament directors will have a Google Meet room open https://meet.google.com/skt-sstv-cfq for coaches ONLY to pop in if they need any tournament director support. If there is an emergency, you can also use the coach's text thread for a quicker response.

Reminders for Students:

  • Please make sure you are able to log into Tabroom.

  • DO NOT use the share files function in Tabroom.

  • Remember to have snacks, water, and lunch handy throughout the day.

Reminders for Judges

  • Before the students begin debating, please make sure to hit the "Start Round" button. This will let the tournament directors know that everyone is present and accounted for in that room. Also, you will be unable to enter ballots if you do not click this button.

  • When filling out the ballot, please make sure that you are matching the score to the speaker. The range is from 68 to 80. Please be equally sparing with 68’s as you are with 80’s. Only in the most extreme circumstances should anyone get that low or that high of a score. This being our first tournament, we tend to see a cluster in the low to mid 70s, especially for the newer debaters. No two scores can be the same. Half points (.5) can be awarded.

  • Be compassionate and constructive with your feedback; recall the burger sandwich of “What Worked--What Didn’t & Suggestions--Compliments re General Participation”

  • Thank you for taking the time to help our league out. We so appreciate you! Without you, this entire tournament would not be possible.