Saint Thomas Aquinas Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, KS/US


You and your students are invited to attend the St. Thomas Aquinas invitational on Saturday, November 21.  This will be a four-round, open division policy debate event, hosted online using the NSDA Campus Platform.

Enter via   We will not set a maximum entry number, but it will be our initial expectation that schools will provide a full-time judge or the equivalent for every two teams or portion thereof (one team=one judge, three teams=two judges, etc). Judges must be high school graduates, must have accounts, and should be trained in that platform’s use by the competing schools. Teams will be initially waitlisted and we will approve them as you enter judges to cover them. If you need more teams than your judges can cover, let me know and we will see what the size of the community pool makes possible. No promises. On Monday November 16 we will purchase competition rooms and make any cuts to the tournament field that are necessary; drops after that point are non-refundable.

We will treat KSHSAA rules, including guidance regarding online practices, as our base guidelines. The tournament director will resolve issues as they arise in whatever way seems fairest.  Please have your kids show up promptly for tech check-ins, familiarize them with standard procedures regarding email chains and online etiquette, and let’s all be nice to each other as we work through this thing.

$5/entry. Medals mailed to top 8.  8 minutes prep.  Ten minutes “tech time” to resolve in-round tech issues not created by the host, after which forfeits will be assessed.  No observers, off-platform debates, or recording.

Any questions, just ask:  See you in November.

-Steve DuBois, St. Thomas Aquinas Debate

SCHEDULE  (Pair/Report/Start)
Rd 1 7:30/7:45/8 am
Rd 2 10/10:15/10:30 am
Rd 3 1/1:15/1:30 pm

Rd 4 3:30/3:45/4 pm


Awards will be posted at our earliest convenience; probably no online ceremony