Bellarmine Rhetoric Final Speech Tournament

2020 — Online, CA/US

 Bellarmine Final Speeches

Hosted Online on Microsoft Teams - "Novice Tournaments" Team

Saturday, October 24th, 2020

All Events Performed Synchronously (LIVE)

(Anonymous) Tournament Concern/Comment Form

Tournament Directors/Tabroom Staff: Xavier Liu, Sherwin Lai, Jason Cappelloni, and Devansh Bansal

Executive Director: Mr. Langerman

Extemp Prep Director: Kush Narang

Equity Officer: Xavier Liu

Tournament Helpdesk Number: +1 (408) 964-0688; Please TEXT before calling

Events Offered: 

EXPOS, EXT (IX and DX will get separate topics), OA, and OO

Tournament website:

Registration: Only Bellarmine College Prep students who are taking Rhetoric their freshman year will be allowed to enter this tournament. All other schools will be dropped from the tournament without notice or warning.

Table of Contents:

1. Announcements and Notifications

2. Notes for Students

3. Judging Instructions

4. Students' Instructions for Tabroom Accounts

The tournament schedule can be accessed by clicking on the "Schedule" page on the sidebar to the right. The schedule is now posted.

1. Announcements and Notifications

Both students and judges: Please be attentive about emails and Slack notifications. Sign up for “Live Updates” using the tab above - this will alert you with text or email notifications about new pairings/postings.

Announcements will take place in the General Channel in the Novice Tournaments Team. Please pay attention to the General Channel for important updates, including pushing up or back rounds!

2. Notes for Students and Judges

- Be in tournament attire (think dress-up day) on the days you are competing.

- Pairings for all rounds will be posted on Tabroom. The tournament schedule will be listed on a separate custom page on the side bar. Please make sure that you know which room you will be speaking or debating in. 

- ALL competition will take place on the "Novice Tournaments" Team on Microsoft Teams. Each room is marked with a number and is a separate channel on the Team. Prior to the start of each round, please check your room number and 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your round, head over to your room and wait for a Judge to start the call for "tech check." 

15 minutes prior to the start of each round there will be a mandatory "tech check." This is required for both judges and students. This is to ensure that all technological issues are straightened out prior to the start of the round. Students and judges should ensure that their cameras and microphones work. Both students and judges must be present in the room which you are speaking or debating in on Microsoft Teams. Judges, please "initiate the call" 15 minutes prior to the start of the round for the tech check. Extempers will do their tech check when they enter the room from Prep.

- We will be enforcing a strict ten-minute forfeit time after the last speaker stops speaking in each round. Since there are no double entries, you are required to watch each speaker perform in the speech round. 

- During the round, both judges and students should have their cameras on and should be muted unless they are speaking. The only exception is if we go into "limited tech mode," where to stop lagging video and poor audio quality, only the judge and the speaker should have their videos on. 

- For grading purposes, judges MUST record the round. Judges and students, please act appropriately during the round. If you cannot do it in person, please don't do it over video during the round. 

- Extemp Prep will take place live over a Teams call. Please join the Extemp Prep Room 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled draw time. Attendance will be taken and questions released. More details are found in the side page titled: "Extemp Prep Info." A direct link to the Prep Room is found in the side page.

- Topic Areas for Extemp is now posted.

- To access comments, ballots, and results, you will need to use your account. If you do not have a Tabroom account or do not know how to link your account to a competitor, please look under "Students' Instructions for Tabroom Accounts" below.

3. Judging Instructions

If this is your first time judging, please be sure to link your Tabroom account to a judge. Click on "Link your person to a judge" and search for yourself. There will be a page that pops up that lists all judges registered on Tabroom with your name. Please look for your name and "judges for: Bellarmine College Prep" and click to link yourself to that judge!

- It’s super important that you attend the round on the day that you are assigned to judge.

- Slack one of the Tournament Directors and Mr. Langerman at least an hour prior to the start of the round to let us know that you are still able to judge.

- When you log in to your Tabroom account, you should be taken to a page where you will see the round that you need to judge along with the words "START ROUND" in a green box.

- Before the round: Judges, you MUST PRESS “START ROUND” once you receive your ballot. Doing this alerts Tab that you have officially “picked up” your ballot and that the round has officially started. You may do this during "tech check."

- There will be TWO judges for each prelim round and THREE judges for each Final round. DO NOT START without all judges present.

- EXPOS, OO, and OA speech times are 10 minutes long with a 30 second grace period. Extemp speech times are 7 minutes long with a 15 second grace period. If a speaker goes 10:31 or 7:16, please mark them as Overtime on the ballot.

- You will also be submitting points, as these speeches are these students' grades for Rhetoric. A total of 50 points are given to each speaker by each judge. Points will be given in 0.5 intervals (e.g., 43.5 or 47 is OK, 46.8 is not). Unlike ranks, the higher the points the better. Points may be tied and you may give more points to lower ranks (think low point win in debate). Some of you may have a speech paradigm up on your judge page that says that if speakers are able to reference certain words or phrases in their speeches, you will give them extra points. Especially since these points are the students' grades in the course, please refrain from doing this and focus on evaluating the speech holistically and the student's ability to use pathos, ethos, and logos.

- You must submit your ranking, no later than 15 minutes after the round ends. This is especially the case after the 2nd prelim round so that we can pair the elimination round. Please do not delay the tournament by waiting to submit your rankings and comments at the same time. You can edit RFD/comments later even after you've submitted your rankings. Do not disclose your decision to the debaters in preliminary rounds.

- No show/forfeit procedure:

1. Take attendance at the start of "tech check."

2. Note any missing individuals and alert/Slack Tab and Mr. Langerman. We will attempt to contact missing individuals and compel them to show up to the round.

- If something doesn't work or if the student still has not shown up by the listed start time, please start the round anyways! We can deal with the issue later.

- If the student has not shown up 10 minutes after all speakers have finished in speech, mark the student as a "No Show" on the ballot and Slack Tab and Mr. Langerman. 

4. Students' Instructions for Tabroom Accounts

You will need to use your Tabroom account to access judge RFDs and comments. If you already have a Tabroom account and have already linked your account to yourself, awesome! There's no need for you to read the rest of this. 


1. On the main page of, find the "Sign Up" button on the upper right corner of your screen. Click on that. (Ignore the first question which asks you whether you're an NSDA Coach or PKD Member. You are a student and are neither.) Keep scrolling down, which leads you to a page where you type in your email, first name, last name, phone number, password, etc... While you are only required to input information regarding your email, first and last name, and password, we also highly recommend that you provide your cellphone number and service provider because you can get live text updates of postings and tournament updates!

2. After you input all your information, click "Create login." This will lead you to a blank page that serves as your Tabroom account. If you see the words "Judging," "Competing," and "Your Account" on the right hand side of the web page, you are in the right place!


1. After you log in, click on your email in the top right corner. On the right hand side, scroll down to "Your Account" and click on "Link your person to a student."

2. That will bring you to a page that prompts you to search for yourself. Type your first and last name in the empty boxes and click "Search."

3. Please pick the correct person and link yourself to that student. Look for your name and "competes for: Bellarmine College Prep" and click to link yourself to that person!

4. Tab may also ask you to confirm that you want to link. Please make sure all information is correct and confirm the link. Please DO NOT link your account to anyone OTHER THAN YOURSELF.