ASDCA Division 2 Winter Trophy

2020 — NSDA Campus, AZ/US

The Arizona Speech and Debate Coaches Association

Invites you to the Annual Division II Winter Trophy (Virtual) Tournament

December 4 – 5, 2020

This tournament is for Arizona DIVISION II schools only.  There is a separate Division I tournament. If you are unsure of your school’s division, contact me. Out of State schools: we appreciate the interest, but this tournament is only for AZ schools.

You must be an ASDCA member to compete.  If you have yet to pay your dues, it will be added to your invoice.

Tournament fees are:  $5 for a solo event, and $10 for a team event.  For 2020 (since it has been rough on everyone) there is NO TEAM FEE.

We will offer Congressional Debate during the day on Friday, L-D Debate, Big Question & Public Forum Debate on Friday afternoon/evening, followed by all remaining events and debate out rounds on Saturday.

Congress, Debate, Extemp, and Impromptu will be synchronous while Oratory, Informative, Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, Duo Interp, Program Oral Interp, Prose, and Poetry will have Asynchronous prelim rounds with Synchronous Semis (where required) and Finals.

All speech videos are due by 6:00 PM on Monday, 11/30. We must have these videos submitted or your entry will be dropped. Please see the notes below.

Tournament directors have to check the links to make sure they are playable.


Congress legislation must be submitted to by 11/18. If there are more than 10 items submitted, teams will ballot for the final docket. Please follow submission guidelines and use the supplied templates.





All links for videos submitted must be from YouTube. DO NOT save them to Google Drive. To prevent this, we strongly suggest that competitors save their videos to YouTube and set it as UNLISTED so anyone with the link will be able to view the video. DO NOT set is as PRIVATE. This will only allow the owner to access and view the video.

Duos will be asked to submit a video performance prior to the beginning of competition. This is to mitigate potential problems with too many people using the integrated videoconferencing software simultaneously (the software recommends limiting to 15 people. 7 Duo teams + 3 judges in a semis room, for example, would exceed that limit and degrade quality). Duos will be required to record from separate rooms, even if competitors are able to be in the same location (We recommend using Zoom and its built-in recording functionality). Editing the videos beyond merely truncating the beginning and end (to eliminate footage of fiddling with the camera, for example) will not be allowed. The use of professional lighting will not be allowed (we highly recommend that performers find a large window, put the camera near the window, and face that direction for good, consistent illumination) (DON'T skirt this one by using your stage lights or something! That's not cool. Other folks don't have that ability/access). We do recommend that competitors use microphones of some sort when recording (the microphone built into wireless headphones is usually a good choice.