The Edina Classic

2020 — Online, MN/US




For any questions or issues on the day of the tournament, please contact Joe Schmitt (  Email is the first and only line of communication.  No other communication channels are available or will be checked.


Fees and Judges: All events (except Congress) will be $15/entry.  Congress will be $5/entry.  Schools are obligated to bring one judge per every two LD or PF entries (or fraction thereof); the obligation in Congress is 1 one judge per every four entries (or fraction thereof).  Judges cannot cross divisions; so, if you have one LD entry and one PF entry, you owe one LD judge and one PF judge.



All PF divisions will use the NSDA November/December topic: Resolved, the United States should adopt a declaratory nuclear policy of no first use.     

***PLEASE NOTE:  PUBLIC FORUM DOES NOT USE A COIN FLIP IN MINNESOTA.  Sides will be assigned for these rounds; PRO teams are locked as first speakers, and CON teams are locked as second speakers.



All LD divisions (including novice) will use the NSDA November/December topic: Resolved, the United States ought to provide a federal jobs guarantee.



There will be two divisions: a Senate (Varsity) and a House (Novice/JV).  Legislation will be taken from the Minnesota packet and is posted on the main page.  


Legislation reserved for debate in the final rounds sessions of both divisions are: A Bill to End Cash Bail; A Bill to Eliminate the Pentagon's Hand Me Downs.



8:00 am     Drops Due (you should confirm attendance of your students & judges before this)

8:15 am     Tech check-in for round/session 1 of all events

8:30 am     Start of Congress session 1 (congress session ends 10:45 am)

8:45 am     Round 1 LD/PF

10:00 am    Tech check-in for round 2 LD/PF

10:15 am    Round 2 LD/PF

11:00 am    Congress lunch break

11:15 am   LD and PF lunch break

11:30 am   Tech check-in for round 2 policy

11:45 am   Tech check-in for round 3 LD/PF and Congress session 2

12:00 am    Round 3 LD/PF and start of Congress session 2 (ends 2:00 pm)

1:45 pm      Tech check-in for round 4 LD/PF

2:00 pm      Round 4 LD/PF

2:30 pm      Tech check-in for Congress finals

2:45 pm      Congress finals (end 4:45)

3:00 pm      Tech check-in for round 5 LD/PF

3:15 pm      Round 5 LD/PF