Winston Churchill Classic TOC and NIETOC Qualifier

2021 — San Antonio, TX/US


Dear Colleagues,


We would like to invite you and your team to the 2021 Winston Churchill Classic hosted on January 7-9, 2021. 


We are proud to have been awarded TOC bids from the University of Kentucky in LD (finals), Gold PF (finals), Silver PF (semifinals), Congress (top 6) and all relevant Speech events. We are also pleased to announce that we are also a NIETOC qualifying tournament in the relevant speech events as well as a TFA qualifying tournament.


In debate events we will feature 6 preliminary debate rounds for VLD and VPF, and 5 preliminary rounds for VCX, WSD and Novice events. If numbers are large enough, we will expand VCX to 6 preliminary rounds as well. Debates will begin Thursday afternoon with elimination debates on Saturday. Congressional debate will feature one prelim with semifinal and final rounds to follow. Speech events will be asynchronous and feature two preliminary rounds, and quarters, semis, and finals based on entry numbers. Rounds will be scheduled with respect to both checks on screen-time and time allotted for meals/breaks.

While we anticipate a larger field in all events, we still are determined to provide a quality tournament experience for all competitors and to maintain a fair break in all speech and debate events while also keeping the schedule as humane as possible. In order to accomplish this, it is necessary for us to implement event caps in our events. 

For all Varsity Debate events, we will place an initial entry cap at 90 entries with an overall event cap of 120 entries. We will give priority for the 30 waitlisted spots to schools from San Antonio and Texas in general before opening the waitlist up to all schools. If the initial cap is reached, we will admit entries off of the waitlist until December 7, after that date, all waitlist restrictions will be lifted. 

In all Speech events, we will have an initial entry cap of 100 entries and an overall event cap of 144 entries. Waitlist priority will be given to schools from San Antonio and Texas in general until December 7 at which point all waitlist restrictions will be lifted until our overall cap is reached. 

We look forward to hosting you in January. The full invitation and tournament information can be found on the right, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. 


Preston Stolte, Brandon Forinash, and Kandi King