2020 — Online, NY/US


We are pleased to invite you to the December 11-13 New York City Urban Debate League (NYCUDL) Tournament #3. Most high school divisions will run Friday/Saturday, with any remaining policy elimination rounds on Sunday. All Middle School divisions and our HS divisions for new programs (Beginner Policy and PF SROS) will run Saturday only.

This tournament, which will be hosted online by the Lakeland School District (NYCUDL member), is free to all of our league members (it will count as our third tournament) and is also free to all schools that are registered in urban debate leagues in the United States. Schools from the newly-formed Digital Speech & Debate Initiative's Bluegrass Debate Coalition started by the University of Kentucky, which will be supporting this tournament, are also invited.

The tournament will be hosted on, which is supported by the platform.

A few basic rules:

(1) Each school that registers cannot have more than 10 entries across middle school (across all divisions and formats) and high school (across all divisions and formats) unless permission is given by the Tournament Directors. 

(2) Schools (or non-NYCUDL leagues) must cover all of their judging. All rounds will be single flighted, so the judging requirement is 1 judge per two teams. Please enter any schedule conflicts in Tabroom for your judges. This is important to do so we know your judging commitments are fulfilled. The scheduling is done in shifts, and each judging entry must have all shifts covered.

(3) The registration deadline is December 4th. Please advise beforehand if you plan on sending teams.

We do have a number of different divisions and topics available, so please register carefully.

(4) The tournament supports the following divisions


Policy (two day tournament, remaining elims Sunday)  -- Varsity/Open, JV, Novice
Policy (1 day tournament for our Beginner division (Saturday)) -- two cases (SROs, police implicit bias)
PF HS NFU Topic (2 day tournament -- Friday evening/Saturday) -- Varsity/Open, JV, Novice
PF HS Novice, Intermediate, Open SROS (NYCUDL League Topic) -- 1 day tournament (Saturday)
PF MS Novice, Intermediate, Open SROs -- 1 day tournament (Saturday)
Parli MS Novice, Intermediate Open -- 1 day tournament (Saturday)




Friday, December 11th

PF Schedule -- NFU Divisions

Varsity: No First Use (NFU)
Intermediate/JV: NFU
Novice: NFU


5pm Check-In Deadline
5pm: Judge Training
5pm: Welcome
5:45 Pairing Release

6pm R1 Single Flighted
7:30 R2 Single Flighted

Policy Schedule

Open (Criminal Justice Reform, No restrictions)
Novice (NDCA Packet)
JV (NDCA Packet)

3:45 Deadline for Policy Check in
3:45 Judge Training
4pm -- Welcome Meeting
4:15  Pairing Release

4:30 pm R1 Single Flighted
6:30 R2 Single Flighted


Saturday December 12

PF -- NFU Divisions

9:45 am PF Round 3
11:30 PF R4
12:30pm PF R5
2:00 pm PF Elim #1
4:30 Awards

5pm Elim #2
6:30 pm PF Elim #3
8:00 PF Elim #4 (as needed)

PF -- SROS Division 


9am: Registration

9am: Opening
9am: Judge Training

10 am PF 1
11:30 PF 2
1pm PF 3
2:30 PF 4

4:00 PM UKY Debate Presentation
4:30 Awards


Policy -- Varsity, Intermediate/JV, Novice

9am Policy R3
11:30 Policy R4
1:30 pm Policy R5
4:30 pm awards
5:15 First Elim
7:30 Second Elim

Remaining policy elims as needed on Sunday

Policy -- Beginner (two case division)

8am: Check-In Deadline
8am: Opening
8am: Judging training -- James or Conrad

9am Policy R1
11:30 Policy R2
2pm Policy R3
4:30 PM Awards

Middle School Parli and PF

Saturday Online

9am Registration Deadline
9am Judge Training
9am Student Meeting

9:45am R1
11:15 am R2
1:15pm R3
2;30pm University of Kentucky Debate Presentation
3:00pm Awards


We are maintaining waitlists to ensure the quality of the experience for everyone. All entries are automatically placed on the waitlist. Waitlist clears will begin the week before the tournament. Entries will be removed from the waitlist that fulfill the following criteria: 

The school is a registered member of an urban debate league (or Digital Speech & Debate Initiative's Bluegrass Debate Coalition

The students in the entry have filled out their participation permission slips (see below)

The students are entered into the correct division according to their experience level 

You have provided or requested enough judging to cover the entries 


Permission Slips 

Each debater must fill out a permission slip to debate. The high school form is here. The middle school form is here. A list of students who have completed permission slips will be posted this weekend. 

Please, check to make sure your students are on the list! If they're not, they won't be able to debate.