Andover 2020

2020 — Online, MN/US



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Registration closes at 8:10. Coaches can click the Check-In button or email before then.


LD/PF Schedule:

Round 1- 8:45

Round 2- 10:45

Round 3- 12:00

Round 4- 1:30

Round 5- 2:30

Awards- Posted on Tabroom


LD Resolution: Resolved: The United States ought to provide a federal jobs guarantee.

PF Resolution:  Resolved: The United States should adopt a declaratory nuclear policy of no first use.

Congress Schedule

Session 1- 8:30-10:15

Session 2- 10:30-12:15

Super Congress- 2:30-4:30 Legislation- Food Pyramid and Agricultural Runoff 

Awards- Posted on Tabroom



Send all payments to:

Andover Debate- Michele Pinkham

c/o Andover High School

2115 Andover Blvd.

Andover, MN 55304


Ombuds information

We know that incidents of harassment and discrimination happen regularly at debate tournaments and that something needs to be done to stop them. In order to address those incidents and improve the experiences of everyone at tournaments, a system to report those incidents was created. If someone experiences or witnesses harassment and/or discrimination, regardless of their role at the tournament, they are encouraged to text or call 612-367-6656 to report it. At every tournament with this reporting system, there is a panel of three Ombudspersons who receive the reports, conduct the investigations (speaking with all parties involved, including witnesses), and make recommendations to the Tournament Director regarding what actions need to be taken. The focus is on restorative processes, but the panel can make recommendations that have a competitive impact (like overturning a judge’s biased ruling and granting both teams a bye). The goal isn’t to punish, but rather to engage in educational practices that address behaviors and create a healthier community going forward. Ombudspersons are members of the debate community who have gone through specialized training in a variety of areas (implicit bias, antiracism work, sexism/misogyny, ableism, etc). They come from a variety of backgrounds and hold a variety of identities. The Ombuds Panel for the Andover Tournament is chaired by XXX the other Ombuds on the panel are XXXX and XXXX. Biographies of all three Ombudspersons are here in the Student Ombuds Info and Judge Ombuds Info documents. If you have any questions about the Ombuds Panel or the reporting system, you can text or call 612-367-6656 or email