Badgerland Chung vitational

2020 — NSDA Campus (Middleton), WI/US
Congrats to Policy Champions!
2nd Spkr Reagan's Brenda Paredes,
1st Spkr SPASH's Owen Bond,
3rd Reagan SP,
2nd Reagan DW,
Congrats to Nov Policy Champs:
3rd MUHS OU,
1st and the Top Two Speakers MUHS KR
Congrats to NovPF Champs:
3rd Spkr Middleton's Ricardo Sanchez Cortes,
2nd Spkr Middleton's Alex Garber
1st Spkr Edgewood's Abigail Eckstein
3rd Middleton YL,
2nd Middleton GS
1st Brookfield Central KW
Congrats to our Novice LD Champions! 
3rd Verdant Shukla - Brookfield Central, 
2nd Eden Cottrell - Gold Meir, 
1st Ethan Zhang - MUHS


Please use the online check-in if you believe there are no changes needed. Other changes can be called in to 608-628-3114.

Judges: Please hit "start" on your ballot as soon as you can. It gives us a confirmation that you are on your way to judge.

Postings: We will endeavor to post 30 min before round to the greatest extent we can. Competitors and judges are asked to be in round 10 min before the posted start time, and rounds should be underway at the posted start time. 

Prefs: in LD #1 is most preferred, #4 is least. #5 is only for conflicts where there is a connection (former teammate, coach, lab leader) or some other very serious concern (harassment). If it appears you are marking conflicts for judges you just "don't like," they will be turned into 1s. 

Prep time: 10 in CX, 5 in LD, 4 in PF

Cameras: The preference is that cameras be on so the competitors and judges can see one another. If bandwidth is an issue, people in the room can reduce video quality in the ... menu in the lower right of the video room. However, because some students may have home/internet issues that may otherwise keep them from competing, please allow them to compete with their camera off for all or part of the round if they ask to do so. 

We are not holding an opening meeting or a round zero tech check. Hopefully, at this point, most of us have had enough opportunities to debate online and help the few who are still new. Coaches and judges should be able to use the "badgerland tabroom" utility room if there are questions or issues during the tournament. 

If needed Tim Scheffler's phone number during the tourney is 608-628-3114. 



The coaches and students of Middleton HS and James Madison Memorial HS, hope you will join us November 13-15, 2020 for another year of debate in Wisconsin's capital city.

This year we are dedicating our tournament to the memory of Tony Chung (JMM '16). Tony's first tournament was the first-ever Badgerland, and he was instrumental in building up an incredibly successful multi-year cadre of JMM and Madison West debaters. He was a victim of a reckless driver accident in September and his death was true loss to all who knew and worked with him. We've subtitled our tournament the "Chung-vitational" because Tony was the type of guy who'd want himself celebrated rather than memorialized.

We are proud to be a Semis Gold PF Bid, and Finals LD Bid to the Tournament of Champions with those events held over the full weekend. We will have 6 single-flighted prelim rounds with out-rounds that allow all winning records to break. We're trying to use a more humane 3 day schedule that allows for some breaks between rounds and avoids over early/late rounds.

In addition to our bid-divisions, we offer a four-round, Saturday only competition in Novice PF and LD, and a three-round, Saturday only Novice and Open Policy division.

Please forward any questions to Tim Scheffler at or or 608-628-3114

We have accommodated independent entries in past years. Please contact Tim directly if you are considering an independent entry to discuss details.

Fees: PF $50/team, LD $40/entry, Saturday only events $15.

Judges: 1 judge per two entries or portion thereof. Commitments can be split across days. If you have extra judges available, we are happy to reduce fees in exchange for the additional help. We ask for Judges to be obligated for the first full elimination round past the elimination of their school. This allows us to ensure all 4-2 teams can advance. 


Tentative Schedule (Central Time)
We will endeavor to post rounds 30 min before the start time. Judges are asked to click "start" ASAP after receiving their pairing. Judges and debaters should report 15 min before the posted start time so rounds can begin on time or sooner.

R1 5:00
R2 7:00

R3 9:00
R4 11:00
R5 1:00
R6 3:00
1st Elim 5:00
2nd Elim 7:00

Elims continue starting at 11:00


Saturday only events:

All R1 9:30
Novice LD/PF R2 11:30
CX R2 11:30
Novice LD/PF R3 1:15
CX R3 2:00
Novice LD/PF R4 3:15