2020 — Online, DE/US

DSDA States- 2020


Dear Coach-

I am delighted to open registration for DSDA States 2020 which will be held October 31, 2020 (yes, Halloween!).  This is the rescheduled tournament from this past spring.  It will be completely virtual and more details will be forthcoming.  We will be using either Zoom breakout rooms or the NSDA Classrooms for this event.

The originally planned events will still be held, with the exception of Congress, Policy Debate, and Duo (due to limitations of virtual channel).


Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2020 September/October Topic

Resolved: In a democracy, voting ought to be compulsory.


Public Forum Debate – 2020 September/October Topic Area: Healthcare

Resolved: The United States federal government should enact the Medicare-For-All Act of 2019.



Please plan on logging in by 8:30 AM on 10/31. This is the Zoom Link currently scheduled:

https://zoom.us/j/5604793661   Meeting ID: 560 479 3661. If we decide to switch to NSDA Campus, I will send out a different link.


The tentative schedule is:

9:00 AM Round 1: All events

10:00 AM Round 2: All events

11:00 AM Round 3: All events

Noon:  Break- any events requiring elimination rounds are scheduled.

12:30 PM Elimination round 4- any events requiring additional rounds (this is dependent on number of students competing in each event).

Any events not requiring finals will have AWARDS announced after the elim. Rounds start.

1:30 Elim Round 5 if needed.

2:30 Elim Round 6 if needed.

AWARDS will be announced after the final ELIM round in an event.

While the schedule assumes a 4:00 end, it could be sooner depending on numbers.



While Chris Berdnik is once again helping supply some judges, we still need to provide our own.  The judge ratio is per usual:  1 judge for every 1-2 debate teams; 1 judge for every 1-4 speech events.  This is generally parents, and it is enjoyable for them to watch.  There will be no observers allowed due to privacy concerns.



The trophies were purchased in the spring, so I am looking forward to getting them out of my basement and off my books!  The cost per entry is $20 currently.  If we have enough students sign up to cover the cost of the trophies, the fees will be able to be reduced. Please send a check to Sue Hayes, 3 Hillspring Rd, Chadds Ford PA 19317, or let me know if you would prefer Zelle (I will contact you directly in that case with info).


All students and judges need to register for a Tabroom account (tabroom.com) in order to compete/judge.  That is the only way we can run the tournament.  The registration site is now open.  In order to schedule rounds we will close registration 10/28 at 4:00 PM! As I have previously discussed, last minute DROPS will have a fine assessed- THESE CAUSE ABSOLUTE HAVOC AND INCONVENIENCE EVERYONE ELSE!! Please make sure your students and judges understand their obligation to show up.  Yes, there are nervous stomachs- but unless it is a serious illness (COVID) kids and adults should still attend.  They are in the comfort of their own homes, so the problems with an in-person tournament do not apply here. 


Looking forward to finally determining the DSDA State Champions for 2020!  And, as previously noted, we will ALSO have DSDA States for 2021 next April.


Please feel free to email me with any questions:  suehayes1@gmail.com.


Best regards-

Sue Hayes