Chapin High TFA Tournament

2020 — Online, TX/US

Welcome to the Chapin Huskies TFA qualifying tournament.  We will be offering all TFA qualifying events.  If an event fails to meet the TFA minimum of 10 qualifying entries, that event will be dropped without penalty to the entering schools.


A coach must be "onsite" for the tournament, and must be on standby as a judge for the duration.  Additional volunteer judges are welcome to help the tournament run smoothly


We plan on hosting on, with competitors and judges receiving the link and passcode through Tabroom.  All ballots will be sent through Tabroom.

Links for asynchronous IEs are due by Tuesday, Oct. 2oth by 5 pm


Please be aware that El Paso is on Mountain Time, so the tournament is running on Mountain Time, NOT central time.





If you have questions, Please contact Chapin coach James Thompson at


We look forward to seeing you virtually in El Paso!