2020 — Online, GA/US

Greetings friends and colleagues.   Still working out the details of the schedule so please DO NOT RELY on any times or schedules listed here until this message disappears.  We will run Saturday through Monday.

We will be hosting online through Classrooms Cloud.

For this year, the Varsity division will be a TOC qualifier at semifinals.  This is not a guaranteed status for future years.

Novice will have evidence restrictions TBD but some version of the Georgia novice packet, which is derived from the NDCA packet.

For now, all entries will initially go to waitlist until we have a better idea of numbers.  I hope not to cap entries but being online and earlier than our usual weekend, demand may be higher.  Enter as many teams as you actually want to "bring" and I will let in as many as we can, which could be everyone.