Sequoyah Autumn Argument

2020 — NSDA Campus, GA/US

The Sequoyah High School Speech and Debate Team invites you to the 2020 Autumn Argument to be held online.


The tournament is now SATURDAY ONLY! Registered schools, please check your email for an update.


* Registration is now open!

* Cost - $15 per team or participant

* Problems or DROPS? Contact Matt Bartula by text or phone-770-371-8153. 

* The Rookie division will be for those Policy debaters that have no previous debate experience. (Meaning no middle school debate, no debate camp, etc.) We will follow the GFCA rules for novices. Packet information:  

*The Novice division will be for FIRST YEAR debaters. We will follow the GFCA rules for novices.

* Lincoln Douglas Debate, Policy Debate, and Public Forum may not double enter. 

* Due to being online, it's particularly essential that people hire their own judges. We will have a very limited number of judges for hire. We don't make any money on hired judging — the entire fee goes to hiring, transporting, and housing the judge.

* Experienced 3rd/4th year student judges are allowed, but only to cover Novice or Rookie entries — do not enter Novice/Rookie only judges to cover entries in Open.

All events are synchronous — both students and judges will need to be available for the times listed in the schedule in order to participate.

On Friday, any changes/drops should happen before 5:00pm. On Saturday, further changes/drops should be communicated before 8:00am. Failure to do this could delay the tournament, and your entry/entries may be removed from the tournament.


Chaperon Requirements

Entries must be registered by the official coach of that school. Basically, if someone called your school's principal and said "who is the debate coach here?", their answer should be the adult in charge. The adult should also:

- Verify with the school that participation is allowed at the tournament,
- Have a list of each student competing at a tournament and a method of contacting them,
- Provide updated contact information to the tournament on how to reach the coach during the event,
- Be available to receive phone calls and/or texts throughout the tournament,
- Have a process for “checking in” and “checking out” the students at the end of each day.


 Emergency phone number is Matt Bartula: 770-371-8153

Policy - Adam Smiley

Public Forum/LD/MS Events - Jamie Wills

Speech Events - Steven/Charity Wang


Sincerely, Matt Bartula

Sequoyah Speech and Debate