WACFL LD Policy 1

2020 — NSDA Campus, VA/US
  • Coaches, once you have verified all of your judges and competitors are present in your “digital bus” Squad Room, go to the tournament’s Onsite Confirmation tab in Tabroom and confirm your entries or text Tab Room (420-428-0301) your drops/changes.

  • Note that for online competition LD Prep Time is increased from 4 minutes to 5 minutes and Policy Prep Time is similarly increased from 8 minutes to 9 minutes.

  • Each round has 10 minutes of Tech Time to accommodate any connection or equipment disruptions; if a competitor’s attempts at resolving the problem exceed 10 minutes, the time is applied to their Prep Time. If the disruption cannot be resolved, the round cannot be moved to another platform; instead, contact Tab Room to determine the status of the round (text 420-428-0301).

  • Judges must click START on their Tabroom ballot as soon as they confirm (by name and side) that everyone is present in the round — the round should start as soon as that is done and there are no connection issues (for example, Tech Check for Round 1 is at 9:15 and the round is scheduled to start at 9:30 — if all is set to go at 9:18, the debaters should start debating).

  • Cameras are expected to be on unless there is a technical issue.

  • Tab Room can be contacted via wacfl.tabroom@gmail.com and 420-428-0301 (text only).

LD & Policy Schedule

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