9th Annual Grizzlies Forensics Invitational

2020 — WA/US

Welcome to the 9th Annual Grizzlies Forensics Invitational

Hosted by The Bear Creek School


Thank you for your interest in the Grizzlies Forensics Invitational, hosted by The Bear Creek School. 


Registration at http://bearcreek.tabroom.com/ 


We will be using Cascade Commons - a platform developed by students and coaches in Bellevue, Washington. To access the platform, go to cascadecommons.org.


After coaches register entries on Tabroom, they must fill out the attached excel spreadsheet (to clarify, make sure that the spreadsheet includes information about judges, coaches, observers and competitors). Submitting this spreadsheet is the most critical step in this process. Without the spreadsheet, competitors will not be able to submit asynchronous speech recordings and access tournament rooms. Once a coach emails us (support@cascadecommons.org) the spreadsheet, we will add it to the system and send them a confirmation email.


Once this confirmation email is received, all competitors, coaches and judges from that school will be able to access the website and submit asynchronous recordings. Additional information and guides on the process of signing up, submitting asynchronous recordings, and participating in synchronous speech events will be sent out in this confirmation email; this information will also be on Tabroom.


We are pleased to offer the following events:

·       Dramatic Interpretation

·       Humorous Interpretation

·       Program of Oral Interpretation

·       Original Oratory

·       Informative Speaking

·       Extemporaneous Speaking

·       Impromptu Speaking

All events except Extemp and Impromptu will be asynchronous.  Competitors will receive instructions for uploading their recordings after they have registered.  Recordings must be uploaded no later than 6:00pm on Wednesday, October 14th.  We are not able to accept late submissions.


Extemp and Impromptu will be synchronous.  Competitors will receive their topics via email and will perform their speech live at the scheduled time.


Pending adequate numbers, we will offer both novice and open divisions in all events.


Schools must provide one judge for every 5 entries.  Judging will take place online via Tabroom, so all judges must have an active tabroom account that is linked to your school.  Not providing sufficient judges may result in your entries being dropped.



$25 school fee

$10 per entry


Payment should be made to

The Bear Creek School

8905 208th Ave NE

Redmond WA 98053




8:00       Opening meeting and instructions.

8:30       Round 1

11:00     Round 2

1:30       Round 3

4:00       FINALS

6:00       Award ceremony