Turbo Tournaments Week of Sept 28th

2020 — Online, MN/US



Thank you for your interest in participating in a turbo debate. The goal of these debates are to get debaters - especially rookies and novices - more experience and feedback. Another major goal is to help students get used to the evidence and norms of debate. To that end, a full 2 hour policy debate might be a bit much, but we've shortened the speech times so that students can get the experience of a debate in a more accessible time block than a traditional tournament.


The turbo debate tournaments are open to any policy program in Minnesota. Unfortunately, we don't have the personnel or expertise to host for non-MN, non-policy folks. But I strongly encourage them to do something similar (if you're an MN debater/coach of non-policy, check out the Thursday night TNT tournaments!). 


This week's turbo debate will be September 30th, from 4:00-5:00pm. We expect everyone to have their registration confirmed and their students online by 3:15pm. At 3:30 we'll be sending debaters to their rooms for tech check. If tech is good, people can start their debates early. If tech has problems, we'll have some time to figure it out. You will no longer be able to make changes to your registration at 3:00pm, so if there are any changes please email them to Jake at swedej@augsburg.edu or text to 507-382-3740


Once you register your students, please make sure you go through the following steps to ensure that your students are ready to debate online:


1) Please make sure you have at least one judge for every two entries. JV/Varsity debaters are allowed and encouraged to judge Rookie/Novice. If you won't be able to provide one judge for every two entries, please let Jake know immediately (swedej@augsburg.edu)

2) Use this online tournament preparation checklist to make sure all your students and judges are linked to tabroom. If they are not, it will be extremely difficult for them to participate.

3) Make sure your students are aware of the speech times and order. Also, help them create a 1ac/1nc that will fit within those times (if you try to read the same 1ac/1nc as a normally timed debate you will be in for a rough time). 

4) Just a reminder to you and the debaters that the goal of turbo debates is to get experience and education - we will probably send out awards/acknowledgements of some sort, but they won't be as formal/grand as your regular tournament.