Lawrence High Debate Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, KS/US

We are hosting on Dec. 4 & 5. Varsity(KDC), Open, and Novice divisions.

Teams with Varsity(KDC) entries must bring one judge for every two teams, or fraction thereof. We will provide judges for open and novice entries, although if you have responsible 3rd and 4th year debaters who want to judge, we'd be happy to have them.

Entries are $10 per team. We will be debating online, using NSDA Campus, unless I find a better solution prior to that.


Schedule: Varsity(KDC) Division Open & Novice Divisions
  Friday Dec. 4 Friday Dec. 4
  Round 1 Pair/Begin (3:15/4:00 pm)  
  Round 2 Pair/Begin (6:15/6:45 pm) No Debates
  Saturday Dec. 5 Saturday Dec. 5
  Round 3 Pair/Begin (7:15/8:00 am) Round 1 Pair/Begin (7:15/8:00 am)
  Round 4 Pair/Begin (10:15/10:30 am) Round 2 Pair/Begin (10:15/10:30 am)
  Round 5 Pair/Begin (12:45/1:00 pm) Round 3 Pair/Begin (12:45/1:00 pm)
  Round 6 Pair/Begin (3:15/3:30 pm) Round 4 Pair/Begin (3:15/3:30 pm)