Galloway Middle School Open

2020 — Online, GA/US

We are excited to host this inaugural tournament advancing middle school policy debate in the Atlanta area.  This tournament is open any middle school policy debate program but is targeted for middle schools in the AUDL looking for a 2vs2 policy competition.  We will have novice, JV, and Varsity divisions and host online via Zoom, using normal AUDL partner debate speech formats and times in each division.

We are using zoom to host this debate and need coaches to assist in managing breakout rooms. We hope to run this tournament with no hired judges, so every school must provide one judge per 4 debaters, plus, in the event of an odd number of entries, one additional judge for the extra team. We can discuss hired judging fees if needed to cover judging obligations.

Evidence packets: Novice will use a modified version of the "Beginner" AUDL summer packet with the addition of the Federalism DA from the AUDL 1v1 packet (Mass Incarceration AFF/Crime DA/Federalism DA). JV will use a modified version of the "Advanced" AUDL summer packet with DAs from the AUDL 1v1 JV packet (Mass Incarceration AFF/Crime DA/Federalism DA/E-Carceration DA). Novice and JV must use only the evidence from the packets.

Download a NOVICE packet here.

Download a JV packet here.

Varsity will have the options of the following positions: AFF: Mass Incarceration, Marijuana. NEG: Federalism DA, States CP, Crime DA, E-Carceration DA, Pharmaceutical DA, Abolition Kritik. Varsity debaters are encouraged to create their own blocks from the evidence packets and their own supplemental research updates. AUDL packets for these positions will be the foundation of the varsity debate and the positions cannot be substantively changed when updating evidence through independent research.

Download AUDL Evidence Packets here.

Please email Coach Tommy Sharp at with any questions.