FGCCFL October Tournament

2020 — NSDA Campus, FL/US

FGCCFL Online Tournament
Hosted on Tabroom and NSDA Campus
October 24, 2020


Events: All NCFL events except Extemporaneous Speaking, Duo Interpretation, and Policy Debate. LD and PFD will use the September/October 2020 resolutions.

Entry Limits: No more than SIX entries in any event except Student Congress. No more than TWELVE entries in Congress. No double entries. No mavericks in PFD. Oratorical Declamation is limited to grades 9 and 10 (NCFL rule).

Cost: $10.00 per participating student. No charge for judges. Schools will be invoiced after the tournament, with payment due to Paul Jannereth within 10 days.

Judging Requirement: One Speech/Congress judge for every four (4) entries. One LD/PFD judge for every two (2) entries. COACHES: Do not count yourself in your judge quota as we must be able to use you where needed! Judges should be cross-trained.

Tabroom Account Requirement: All participants (students, judges, and coaches) must have an active Tabroom account with a current email address. The “No emails or texts” box in the profile must be unchecked to ensure that round postings can be delivered. All participants should ensure that their accounts are active and linked at least 24 hours before the tournament by logging into Tabroom.

Registration for the Tournament

This tournament’s Tabroom page is <http://fgccfloct.tabroom.com/>.

Only the head coach should register for the tournament. Registration will close at 9 PM on the Monday of Tournament Week. Registration will not be accepted after the deadline by any means other than Tabroom unless directed to do so. Pay attention to your school registration for students in correct events, judges in correct pools, judge conflicts, and IE script information.

All changes made after the close of registration, but before Tournament Day must be reported to Paul Jannereth at <pjannereth@carrollwooddayschool.org>. Schools will forfeit registration fees for all drops after close of online registration. Please have registration confirmed before registering the team on Tabroom.

Note: The Executive Committee will levy additional tournament fees of $25.00 for any dropped entry on Tournament Day ($50.00 for hidden drops), and for any missing judge at call.

Tournament Day Registration (7:30-8:00 a.m.)

The head coach should sign into Tabroom and use the “on-site registration” to check in. Any final changes must be reported at that time.

Judges should sign into the Judge Pooling room for their last name. Students should report to their assigned Round Zero room, where announcements will be held.

Student Congress Requirements

All schools with Student Congress entries must submit at least one (and at most two) satisfactory bills/resolutions (B/R) for consideration for the docket. All Congress entries will be waitlisted until satisfactory legislation from their school has been submitted and confirmed.

How to Submit: Legislation must be written using the templates on the FGCCFL website, saved in Microsoft Word (.docx) format, and uploaded to Tabroom no later than 9:00 p.m. on the Friday before Tournament Week. The legislation will be reviewed over the weekend, and a docket of 8 B/R will be published on Monday morning of Tournament Week.

Advance Review: Coaches only may request advance review of their legislation by emailing it to Josh Schneider <joshschneider@me.com>. Please allow 48 hours for a response.

Presiding Officers: Coaches may designate any or all of their Congress entries as Presiding Officer nominees by editing the entry and marking the appropriate box on Tabroom.

Parliamentarians: Schools with judges who are qualified to serve as parliamentarians should indicate this by checking the “Qualified Parliamentarian” box. Coaches may be assigned as parliamentarians if necessary.