Jim Fountain Classic

2020 — NSDA Campus, AZ/US

The Eighth Annual Jim Fountain Classic

October 23rd-24th, 2020
McClintock High School Tournament held online via Tabroom.com and NSDA Campus 

Congress Docket: The Congress docket can be downloaded from this link (click here).

Dear Colleagues, McClintock Masque and Gavel is proud to invite you to the eighth annual Jim Fountain Classic Invitational Tournament on October 23rd and 24th, 2020. At this tournament we will be offering Congressional Debate, Novice/Varsity Divisions of LD, Policy, & Public Forum and the full compliment of individual events.

Events will be held SYNCHRONOUSLY with competitors using the NDCA Campus rooms to compete in their rounds. We are going to do this for all events except Duo Interp.

Fees: There is a $25 base school fee. Entries will be $7 for each individual entry, $14 for partner event entries (Duo, PF, Policy). 

Novice Policy will be restricted to the use of the NDCA Novice Evidence Packet (link - click here). Those entering Policy Debate cannot cross-enter in other events (except Congressional Debate) to allow for maximum debate time.

Duos will be asked to submit a video performance prior to the beginning of competition. This is to mitigate potential problems with too many people using the integrated videoconferencing software simultaneously (the software recommends limiting to 15 people. 7 Duo teams + 3 judges in a semis room, for example, would exceed that limit and degrade quality). Duos will be required to record from separate rooms, even if competitors are able to be in the same location (We recommend using Zoom and its built-in recording functionality). Editing the videos beyond merely truncating the beginning and end (to eliminate footage of fiddling with the camera, for example) will not be allowed. The use of professional lighting will not be allowed (we highly recommend that performers find a large window, put the camera near the window, and face that direction for good, consistent illumination) (DON'T skirt this one by using your stage lights or something! That's not cool. Other folks don't have that ability/access). We do recommend that competitors use microphones of some sort when recording (the microphone built into wireless headphones is usually a good choice - Feel free to contact Richie (email link - click here) for recommendations on inexpensive microphones).

Please note that all entries will be due prior to 6:00 p.mon Friday, October 16th. Please note that this is earlier than normal to accommodate for NDCA Campus Reservations. Any drops after that date will be assessed the entry fee amount for said event(s). Additions to the entry and modifications will also be accepted until that date. Judges need to be finalized by October 20th. Please post your drops and/or changes online as soon as you are aware of them. Entries and drops will only be accepted through Tabroom. Do not fax or call in entries/drops. We hope to see you at the tournament. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tim Cornwell at (480) 216-3787 or tcornwell@tempeunion.org (email link - click here). See you at the Tournament!

Duo videos can be added until the entry deadline. After that, the links can be emailed to us and we will add them to the entry until Midnight on Oct. 20th. Please have your students upload their videos to YouTube, with the privacy setting set to "Unlisted" in order to maximize both security, and the ability for judges to see the videos. 


Tim Cornwell & Richie Glover