Cupid Shot me in my After School Congress

2021 — Online - NSDA Campus, CO/US
The Loveland High School Speech and Debate Team extends a warm welcome and invitation to your team to participate in our third annual after school congress: The Cupid Shot me in my After School Congress on February 17th, 2021. With social distancing and limited gatherings, this year will be an online tournament.  

Since this tournament is online, we know there may be interest from out of state teams whom we welcome. Only NSDA paid members can register to avoid shenanigans. Please reach out to if there are extenuating circumstances, and we will work with you.

Please see the invitation for rules and tournament policies.  We are offering 2 rounds of 90 minutes. We will try to keep the chambers to around 12 since we will be using NSDA Campus.

Teams are allowed four entries for each event, and additional entries will come off the waitlist if there is room, and the team can provide/cover a judge.  Judges can be provided or hired at $20/judge, which is what we will be paying them for the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at