GCHS Novice Night 1

2020 — Online, KS/US

3 Round, after school, novice tournament hosted by GCHS.

***This tournament is really a test for running a virtual tournament, and is limited to 5 schools with 4 entries each.  

The tournament will be hosted in Zoom/Zoom Breakout rooms. There are no entry fees, but each school must have one person who can help novices get through a minimum of 2 debates, and who will also serve as judges.

We will be using the Kansas Novice Caselist and Negative packet. 

The five affirmative cases that may be run in the novice division at our invitational are: 

1) abolish the death penalty

2) decriminalize marijuana

3) defund the police

4) end mandatory minimums

5) juvenile sentencing reform

Affirmatives will be limited to the advantage areas covered in the negative packet. If you read an advantage that is outside of a the negative packet areas, you will be given an automatic loss.

Negative Evidence Packet Google Drive Link:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eFClt_Eeln2tOqCMrHhlDC7r33rfuUzo?usp=sharing

**For those interested, GCHS will host another Novice tournament in early October with more entry access.