Mtn View Toro Country Classic TOC Congress NIETOC Qualifier

2020 — NSDA Campus, AZ/US

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DUET OPTIONS: Options for the Duet category are found at @torocountry on the TikTok app. The competitor must choose 1 of the 10 options and Duet themself.

VIDEO SUBMISSION: Make certain you are submitting your videos in the appropriate category on the Google Form at this link: All video links are due by Friday, November 6th at 6:00 p.m.

HASHTAGS: All videos created on the TikTok app must be given the Hashtags #tcc, #speechanddebate, and a hashtag for the specific category ie. # duet, #commentary, etc.

JUDGING: TikTok will be judged by the regular IE pool asynchronously. Rounds will likely be sent out on Wednesday evening. Three of the categories will be judged for the prelim rounds, one of the remaining two will be judged for those advancing to semis, and the remaining one will be judged for those advancing to finals.


Welcome to the 29th


presented by the


November 13-14, 2020

It is our distinct pleasure to again offer the Toro Country Classic. We believe that high-quality competition is the key to advancing the competitiveness of Arizona Forensics, and we hope your team will choose to attend our tournament.

We are pleased to announce that the Toro Country Classic is again a Bid Tournament to the University of Kentucky Tournament of Champions in both Congressional Debate & Speech and to the NIETOC!

The 2021 UK TOC tournament will be held in Lexington, Kentucky on April 16th - 18th, 2021.

This year the TOP 6 FINALISTS in CONGRESSIONAL DEBATE will receive a bid to the UKTOC. IMPORTANT INFO: Due to the length of debate required by the TOC for the Congress bids, competitors who enter in congress will be required to drop their debate entry if they want to compete in the Congress final. Alternately, if they decide to give up their Congress final slot in order to debate, the next competitor will be pulled up. Coaches of schools competing in congress will be required to upload deadline a document stating their student’s preferences for 1) Continuing in Congress or 2) Dropping Congress to compete in debate. This form must be submitted to by Tuesday, November 10th at 6:00 p.m.

Bids are also available in the following speech events (EX, OO, INF, DI, HI, POI, Duo Interp, & OI (Prose/Poetry). *In order for a student to qualify in OI (Prose/Poetry) from a tournament that offers Prose and Poetry as separate events, that student must obtain bids in BOTH Prose and Poetry individually in order to be fully qualified. The two bids may be gained at the same or separate UK TOC qualifying tournaments.

Bids are offered at the following levels:
            24 or fewer entries--TOP 3 receive bids.
            25-72 entries--All FINALISTS receive bids
            73+ entries--All SEMI-FINALISTS receive bids

The 2021 NIETOC is planning to host a live tournament in Houston in May 2021!

Bids are gained at the following levels:

0-19 contestants = FIRST PLACE BID

20-34 contestants = FIRST, SECOND & THIRD PLACE BIDS

35-50 contestants = FINAL ROUND BIDS

51-70 contestants = SEMIFINAL ROUND BIDS

71-99 contestants = QUARTERFINAL ROUND BIDS

100 + contestants = OCTAFINAL ROUND BIDS

We will offer Congressional Debate during the day on Friday, prelims of Policy Debate, L-D Debate, & Public Forum Debate on Friday afternoon/evening, followed by all remaining events and debate out rounds on Saturday.

Congress, Debate, Extemp, and Impromptu will be synchronous while Oratory, Informative, Dramatic Interp, Humorous Interp, Duo Interp, Program Oral Interp, Prose, and Poetry will have Asynchronous prelim rounds with Synchronous Semis and Finals. We will offer a SPECIAL EVENT this year: TIKTOK.


All links for videos submitted must be from YouTube. At the last tournament, some of the videos submitted had been saved to Google Drive which created issues for some of the judges trying to watch them. To prevent this, we strongly suggest that competitors save their videos to YouTube and set it as UNLISTED so anyone with the link will be able to view the video. DO NOT set is as PRIVATE. This will only allow the owner to access and view the video.

Duos will be asked to submit a video performance prior to the beginning of competition. This is to mitigate potential problems with too many people using the integrated videoconferencing software simultaneously (the software recommends limiting to 15 people. 7 Duo teams + 3 judges in a semis room, for example, would exceed that limit and degrade quality). Duos will be required to record from separate rooms, even if competitors are able to be in the same location (We recommend using Zoom and its built-in recording functionality). Editing the videos beyond merely truncating the beginning and end (to eliminate footage of fiddling with the camera, for example) will not be allowed. The use of professional lighting will not be allowed (we highly recommend that performers find a large window, put the camera near the window, and face that direction for good, consistent illumination) (DON'T skirt this one by using your stage lights or something! That's not cool. Other folks don't have that ability/access). We do recommend that competitors use microphones of some sort when recording (the microphone built into wireless headphones is usually a good choice.

The MTCC is proud to present awards to the top three in the Debate events, and the top six in the Congress finals and all IE and Duo events. Sweepstakes trophies will be awarded to the top three schools with entries of 18 or more and to the top 3 schools with 17 or fewer entries. Only the top 3 scoring competitors in each event will count toward sweepstakes. Additionally, we will award an Individual Sweepstakes Award to the individual earning the most sweepstakes points for their team. The Outstanding Legislation award will go the school who submits best written piece of legislation. Criteria for this award is included in Legislative Debate section.

While AIA Tournament Rules will be the foundation for the operation of this tournament, please be advised that they will not apply in all situations. We have clearly noted any diversions from the AIA rules in the event information section. Most event rules align with the NSDA.

Please contact one of us at one of the contact methods below, and I will be glad to fax or email you the needed information.

Meg Howell-Haymaker
Mountain View High School Speech and Debate Coach
Office #: 480-472-7010, Cell #: 480-294-7455