CDA January Tournament

2021 — NSDA Campus, CT/US


The team and speaker reports have been posted here on tabroom.  They will be available on the CDA website late Monday.

Judges may edit ballots until 10PM this evening.  Ballots will be released to debaters and coaches tomorrow.

Thanks to all for attending!


Tournament Announcement Page:  



Registration will open on Monday, December 14, so Coaches can get their entries in before the holidays.  Wednesday, January 6 at Noon is a hard deadline for registering teams.  

See the posted invitation for details.

This is a tournament for members of the Connecticut Debate Association.  We welcome interested parties who are looking to join the league. 

While we usually welcome visitors from other states, CDA will not be accepting entries from non-Connecticut high schools this year unless they are past CDA members.  We appreciate that online tournaments make it possible for debaters to attend events across the country.  However, the CDA operates as a league in which members compete in monthly tournaments leading to State Finals.  Schools that are unlikely to become permanent members do not fit well into this framework.

For information about the league, activities and format, please see our website, .  For questions or comments, please email: 

Everett Rutan

Executive Director