MDTA Jamboree

2020 — Online, MN/US

Tournament Bulletin Board

Save this link and share with Students, Judges and Coaches.  Open tournament bulletin board.


Important Tournament Documents

Technology tips for joining a tournament.  Make sure to read the document in full.

Congressional Debate Online Best Practices.  Make sure to read the document in full.


Tournament Details

NEW FOR 2020: Congressional Debate

Congressional Debate will be broken up into two chambers.

House: First- and Second-Year Students

Senate: Varsity Congress

NOTE: You can have second year students move up to the Sentate but remember we need to have students to PO in the house.


NEW FOR 2020: Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Novice LD will use the following topic.  Resolved: States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.


Registration Eligibility

Only teams representing degree-issuing high schools are eligible to register. We will not accept independent entries, camp entries, or for-profit club entries. Additionally, due to liability reasons, no teams will be accepted into the tournament without a responsible adult chaperone available for the duration of the tournament. An adult, for these purposes, is defined as someone twenty-one years of age or older, who is presumably an employee of the team’s school or a parent. The contact information for this adult must be given to the Tab Room at registration.


Judging Note

We are all influenced by implicit bias, or the stereotypes that unconsciously affect our decisions. When judging, our implicit biases negatively impact traditionally marginalized and disenfranchised students. Before writing comments or making a decision, please take a moment to reflect on any biases that may impact your decision making.

Please remember that the video quality of a student’s performance or speech may be impacted by lighting, internet, access to equipment, and other family members’ presence in the home. To ensure a more equitable experience for our participants, please be sure your decision-making process and comments are related only to the content and quality of the presentation or speech itself.


Partner Communication

In team events (PF and CX), partners are allowed to communicate with each other either in the same physical room (if in-person) or via an outside tool such as a Phone Call, SMS Text, etc.  Coaches ARE NOT permitted to be a member of this shared communication during the round.


Equity Panel



YouTube Livestream Link - We will use YouTube to livestream in the event that the panel reaches our max audience number (500) on Zoom. Unfortunately, I don't think we can know our YT link until we start the livestream. 



Schedule (Central)


8:00 AM - Digital Bus Check-in

8:30 - Drops Due By

8:45 - Round Release



9:00 AM - Technology Check-In

9:15 AM - Rd1

10:15 AM - Technology Check-In

10:30 AM - Rd2

11:45 - Equity Panel  Link:

1:15 - Technology Check-In

1:30 - Rd3

3:00 - Technology Check-In

3:15 - Rd4


CX - Rookie/Novice

8:45 AM - Technology/team Check-In

9:15 AM - Demo Debate and Debrief

11:45 - Equity Panel  Link:

1:15 - Technology Check-In

1:30 - Optional debate (students can choose to opt into this round - simply register them in the tournament)



9:00 AM - Technology Check-In

9:15 AM - Rd1

11:45 - Equity Panel  Link:

1:15 - Technology Check-In

1:30 - Rd2




9:00 AM - Technology Check-In

9:15 AM to 11:30 AM - Session 1

11:45 - Equity Panel  Link:

1:15 - Technology Check-In

1:30 PM to 3:45 PM - Session 2


Equity Panel: New this year is an exciting equity discussion panel, in line with the Jamboree’s purpose as an educational event. Five current debaters and recent alumni will share their experiences in debate and give advice for how to make our amazing activity more welcoming, diverse, and friendly. Novices will be introduced to the incredible strength of our community, and experienced debaters and coaches will learn new ways to strive for excellence.