Rosemount Irish Invitational

2020 — Online, MN/US

For any questions or issues on the day of the tournament, please contact Cort Sylvester.  My first preference is that you email me at  You may also text at 612-790-4247.  Please do not try any other method of communicating with me.  I will not be checking any other channels.  


The Rosemount Irish Debate Program is pleased to "host" you online for this year's Irish Invitational.  Please note that our schedule is a work in progress--for the moment, I have simply copied over last year's schedule.  It will undoubtedly change as figure out how to best arrange a virtual event.  

Our intention at the moment is to host this event on the MDTA Jitsi server.  Instructions for that platform will be posted as they are finalized.  

We have dropped the entry fee for congress to $5 per slot.  Entry fees in all other events remain at $15.  

Please note that novice LD will use the Minnesota alternate topic:  States ought to eliminate their nuclear arsenals.  Other LD divisions will use the NSDA September/October topic.  Novice policy will be restricted to the Minnesota novice packet.  Other policy divisions will use the national policy topic.  All PF divisions will use the NSDA September/October topic.  

Other information will be posted here as it becomes available.  We look forward to seeing you virtually on October 3.  

Update 9/20/20:  Congress Legislation has been posted.  We are using the standard Minnesota packet for the period ending October 10.  As noted on the first page of the packet, the docket for our tournament consists of the first 8 bills and resolutions.  The two items reserved for final session are:  

A resolution to call for an immediate ceasefire in Myanmar

A bill to reform donor advised funding to ensure charities get funds

 Update 9/22/20:

Here is our proposed schedule for the tournament.  This could theoretically change, but I hope not.  

Update 9/28/20:

We've slightly changed our schedule based on what was learned at the Jamboree last week:

8:00 am     Drops Due (you should have some kind of check-in with your students & judges before this)

8:15 am     Tech check-in for round/session 1 of all events

8:30 am     Start of Congress session 1 (congress session ends 10:45 am)

8:45 am     Round 1 LD/PF/policy

10:00 am    Tech check-in for round 2 LD/PF

10:15 am    Round 2 LD/PF

11:00 am    Policy and Congress lunch break

11:15 am   LD and PF lunch break

11:30 am   Tech check-in for round 2 policy

11:45 am   Round 2 policy; also tech check-in for round 3 LD/PF and Congress session 2

12:00 am    Round 3 LD/PF and start of Congress session 2 (ends 2:00 pm)


1:45 pm      Tech check-in for round 4 LD/PF

2:00 pm      Round 4 LD/PF

2:15 pm      Tech check-in for round 3 policy

2:30 pm      Round 3 policy; also tech check-in for Congress finals

2:45 pm      Congress finals (end 4:45)

3:00 pm      Tech check-in for round 5 LD/PF

3:15 pm      Round 5 LD/PF

I anticipate that awards will be asynchronous but we will have more information about that later.  


PLEASE NOTE:  WE DO NOT USE THE COIN FLIP IN PF IN MINNESOTA.  Sides will be assigned for these rounds.