YFL Warm Up

2020 — Online, CA/US


1) Each competitor, observer, and judge MUST HAVE A LINKED TABROOM ACCOUNT. For instructions on creating and linking Tabroom accounts, click here.

2) No double entry within a pattern. Each student (novice and varsity alike) is allowed ONE entry in the speech pattern and ONE entry in the debate pattern.

3) DUO will not be offered at this tournament. Whether DUO will be allowed at future tournaments will be discussed after this tournament.

4) Each school will owe 1 judge per 6 speech entries in the speech pattern and 1 judge per 2 entries in the debate pattern. Judges can (and should, if possible!) be entered in both the speech pattern and the debate pattern. This means that 1 judge can potentially cover 6 speech entries and 2 debate entries.

5) Pre-recorded speech will need to be uploaded as an unlisted video on Youtube and linked to classrooms.cloud by Wednesday 09/23 at the VERY latest. Please ensure that the student states the tournament the speech was recorded for at the beginning of the video (YFL Warm Up) and includes the tournament name in the title. Videos are to uploaded at this link: https://tournaments.classrooms.cloud/yfl-season-opener-submit/