2020 — NSDA Campus, NV/US

The following events will be judged on video throughout the tournament:

Novice and Varsity: DI, Duo, HI, Informative, Oratory, POI

Novice Only: DX, IX, Congress, LD, PF, Policy

Finals of Speech events will be judged during livestreams where judges watch the videos on Friday, September 25th.


Judges not designated as Varsity Extemp/Final Round should be available to judge their rounds between September 18th & 23rd.

Final Round and Varsity Extemp judges should be available between 2:30pm and 9:30pm on Friday, September 25th.


The following events will be judged live on Friday, September 25th:

Varsity DX and IX

Draw will happen in a "Utility Room" and then competitors will self-time their prep before heading to the Round.


The following events will be judged live on Saturday, September 26th:

JV and Varsity: Congress, LD, PF, and Policy

There will be a Zero Round on Saturday morning, 2 2-hour rounds of Congress and 3 rounds of LD, PF, and Policy.

Judges should be available live throughout the day on Saturday, September 26th.


Schedules by events and tech/filming tips in the sidebar.