2020 HF Vikings Classic

2020 — NSDA Campus, IL/US

We will open registration shortly after 7:30AM on Saturday morning. The purpose of registration is to confirm your competitor and judge rosters. You may drop or swap debaters during registration as well, but there can be no additions.

Google Meet links for registration, debater meeting, and a coach/judge meeting (link will be open all day for any issues ) will be sent our Saturday morning. You can also email kcole@hf233.org with any questions.

Payment does not need to be received by Saturday; you can just confirm that the check is in the mail.

Tentative Tournament Schedule:

8:00 am  -  8:30 am      Registration

8:30 am  -  9:00 am      Morning Meeting

9:00 am                        Round 1

10:00 am                      Round 2

11:30 am                      Round 3

12:30 pm                      Lunch

1:00 pm                        Round 4

2:30 pm                        Awards

Creating and Linking Student Tabroom Accounts

Please view the following YouTube for instructions for creating and/or linking student Tabroom accounts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YNrHUweRPA&feature=youtu.be

All competitors need to do this prior to Saturday morning.

Judge Notes 

Please don't forget to label your judges as a "student judge" or "can also judge X" or "New Judge"

I suggest that judges use two devices: one for the Tabroom ballot and another to watch the round through NSDA Campus. Ballots will be completed through Tabroom.com as in prior seasons.

Once rounds are posted, the link to the NSDA Campus room and the ballot will appear on the judges’ Tabroom accounts. The blue camera icon opens the NSDA Campus session. It doesn’t look like a link, but it is!

To find these links, click on your email in top right corner of the Tabroom.com website. We will also send out notifications using Tabroom.

Judges must have cameras on during the debate. Just as debaters need to see you in person, they need to see you now even more

Tech Notes

NSDA Campus Test: Please conduct this test as soon as possible!

Use Chrome as your browser

Visit https://campus.speechanddebate.org/

Click on “Test Competition Room”

For mobile devices, you may need to install the Jitsi Meet android/iOS app. You may need to contact your tech department to allow students to install this app on school devices.

Test that the camera and microphone work. Note that you cannot have Zoom’s camera and the NSDA Campus camera on at the same time.

Competition Guidelines

Cameras should remain on and debaters should remain on screen during the entirety of the round. (Of course, judges can grant permission to go off camera for extenuating circumstances.)

Debaters should remain on mute unless they are giving a speech or participating in cross-examination.

Public Forum partners can use additional devices to communicate with their partners. They may remain on mute during preparation periods. LD Debaters should not be communicating with anyone outside of the round.

For evidence sharing and reviews within a round, there is a file-sharer within NSDA Campus. Google Drive or group emails are also options.

For minor lag and connectivity issues that are quickly resolved, judges can pause the time and continue the round.

For major connectivity issues that affect only one side of the debate, we will use the following rule:

"If one side is unable to participate in the round for a cumulative time of 10 minutes, they must forfeit the round. The judge may award speaker points based on observed performance."

Thanks so much! It will make for a much more smooth start on Saturday.