Aberdeen Ringneck Novice Debate Tournament

2020 — Online, SD/US

Aberdeen Central is proud to host the first novice tournament of the year. This a 3 round public forum tournament hosted live online for first year debate class students. Please provide 1 judge who can be a high school debater with a tabroom judge account for every 2 teams or fraction of a team. 

There are no fees or concessions for this tournament. 


Please tell students that if it is possible to run the tournament ahead of schedule  by them reporting to the main room after their rounds- we want to do that. 


Ringneck After School Novice Debate


LD Zoom Link:


Meeting ID: 975 8553 4228

·         Travis Dahle- Coach in charge


Public Forum

Cohort #1 Public Forum


·         Kerry Konda- Coach in charge


Cohort #2 Public Forum


·         Sydney Gelling- coach in charge


Cohort #3 Public Forum


·         Oliver Doeden- Coach in charge


Cohort #4 Public Forum


Meeting ID: 971 6137 1139

·         Jordan Bakken- Coach in charge