NYPDL January Invitational

2021 — Online, NY/US


January 23 and 24, 2021 


Final Update: Congrats to Varsity Champs BOW Lafferty and Bansal, and Novice Champs Bard Queens Carlioz and Marks!! Register for our upcoming February Invitational here.


Update January 23, 9 PM ET: Day 1 (preliminary rounds) has concluded! Feel free to join our Discord and spectate elimination rounds tomorrow.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/j2euhu6mhp

Public Motions Document: Link


Hi everyone! 

We are so excited to host another tournament for debaters from across the country! Please read below for details.

The schedule and other information are included in the tournament invite on the right side of the page.

Registration is now open via Google Forms:



Like all NYPDL-hosted online tournaments, there will be no registration fee, and teams will need to create a free Discord account. 

The tournament will have one open division. We will break into open elimination rounds and novice elimination rounds.

Schools owe one judge per two teams, rounded unfavorably (i.e. you must bring two judges for three teams).

The league permits teams to debate unaffiliated with their school, so long as the school permits. 


Check out our website for more information about the league and free resources! 

Please email nyparli@gmail.com with any questions.