Warrior Speech and Interp Invite NIETOC Bid

2020 — NSDA Campus, SD/US

This year will be wildly different! So, here is the plan/schedule:

Any memorized events will need to be uploaded by Tuesday night at 5:00. Those events will be assigned judges and judged over Thursday and Friday. Students may enter as many events as they wish.

Extemp will be "live" on Friday using the following (tentative) schedule:

Rd 1 Draw - 3:00 - Speak 3:30

Rd 2 Draw - 4:30 - Speak 5:00

Rd 3 Draw - 6:15 - Speak 6:45

Rd 4 Draw - 7:45 - Speak 8:15

Awards for all events will be presented on Saturday just before the Sioux Falls Roosevelt Sweetstakes Awards