2020 — Online, TX/US

PSJA Southwest High School cordially invites you to our annual TFA/NIETOC qualifying speech and debate tournament.  We are going VIRTUAL this year!  Our tournament will be held Friday, October 2 and Saturday Oct. 3.  Events we offer:

Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation, International, Domestic Extemp; Congressional Debate; Lincoln Douglas, Policy; Public Form; Original Oratory; Poetry; Prose, Novice Prose, Novice Poetry; Duet Acting, Duo Interp, POI and Informative Speaking. We will not be World Schools Debate.  All events will use as the platform.

All IE's will be asynchronous with the exception of Extemporaneous Speaking.


Please review the tentative schedule and rules regarding the vIQT.   

Friday October 2

4:00 PM CX Round 1 CX 1

4:30 PM Debate Round 1 (LD, PF) LD 1, PF

6:00 PM Section A: IE Prelims DI 1, DUO 1, DX 1, IX 1, POI 1

6:00 PM Congress Prelims CONG prelim

6:00 PM Section B: Extemp Prelims DA 1, HI 1, INFO 1, OO 1

6:30 PM Debate Round 2 (LD, PF) LD 2, PF

6:30 PM CX Round 2 CX 2

8:30 PM CX Round 3 CX 3

8:30 PM Debate Round 3 (LD, PF) LD 3, PF


Saturday October 3

8:00 AM Section B: Extemp Semi DA S, HI S, INFO S, OO S

9:00 AM Section A: IE Semi DI S, DUO S, DX S, IX S, POI S

9:00 AM LD, PF Quarters LD Q, PF Q

9:30 AM Congress Final CONG final

10:00 AM CX Round Semis CX 4

11:30 AM LD, PF Debate Semis LD S, PF S

12:30 PM CX Finals

1:00 PM Section A: IE Final DI F, DUO F, DX F, IX F, POI F

1:00 PM Section B: Extemp Final DA F, HI F, INFO F, OO F

1:30 PM LD, PF Debate Finals LD F, PF F


For any other inquiries, please e -mail Sergio Sauceda and Preston Stolte:

We are excited to host you in this virtual world!




Sergio Sauceda

PSJA Southwest Director