West Hardin Teaching Tournament

2020 — NSDA Campus, TX/US

 You’re Invited

West Hardin Teaching Tournament

October 10, 2020

We will be hosting our annual teaching tournament on October 10th and would love for you to attend virtually.  We will be using NSDA campus for the synchronous part of our tournament and student submitted videos for the asynchronous section. Submitted videos will have a 10 minute time limit with 30 seconds grace per NSDA rules as published in the latest NSDA Unified manual. Emailed video links must be received by 8:00 am, Tuesday, October 6th. Directions will be emailed to coaches.

This tournament will feature all the great stuff you have come to expect from West Hardin’s tournament with the exception of impromptu speaking and food in the hospitality room.

We think that our annual tournament is special for a few reasons.

1. Novice LD and CX Debaters receive debate instruction by past state champions and cases so that they are ready to compete that day.

2. We have storytelling judged by real-live children!

3. We offer all UIL events and most NSDA events; all competitors in individual events get to compete in 3 rounds which will lead to semi and final breaks.  Unfortunately, they will not get to compete live, but they will receive great feedback from at least 3 judges Your students will leave with more experience than they would get at a regular tournament.

4. Our hired/volunteer judging pool is exceptional.  We search for and hire judges with experience at high levels of competition and expect those judges to give solid feedback. 

5. We give out lots of awards—6 medals in every event.  Generally, about 25% of the students receive at least one award.

6. We keep prices reasonable: entry fees that are fair, judging fees that reflect our hiring costs and no added hospitality or school fees. 

7. Reasonable Fees.  Policy Debate is $25 per team; LD is $15 per team and IE’s are $10

8. Reasonable Judging Obligations: Because of IE’s being asynchronous, a debate/extemp- judge can also cover an IE obligation. We can hire IE judges for you for $30 a round and Debate judges for you for $40.00 a round.