Carolina Kickoff

2020 — NSDA Campus, SC/US

Riverside High School cordially invites you to the 2020 Carolina Kickoff Varsity and Novice Invitational, a NIETOC bid tournament to be held September 26th, 2020. This year, competition will be held online via Tabroom and the NSDA Online Campus. All of our events will be held live; that is, students will present their speeches and debates before a judge in real time rather than through a pre-recording. The exception to the live standard is Duo Interpretation, which must be prerecorded.

We hope you will join for competition in the following events:


Public Speech Events (four rounds)

       Declamation (9th and 10th Grade Only)

       Expository Speaking

       Informative Speaking

       Novice and Varsity Original Oratory

       Impromptu Speaking

       Extemporaneous Speaking (Top Novice Award Given)

Interpretation Events

      Novice and Varsity Humorous Interpretation

       Novice and Varsity Dramatic Interpretation

       Novice and Varsity Duo Interpretation

       Program Oral Interpretation

       Storytelling (10 minute/manuscript version)

       Novice Reading (first year only)

Debate Events (four rounds)

       Novice and Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate

       Novice and Varsity Public Forum

       Novice and Varsity Congressional Debate (two sessions)


Note:  Riverside reserves the right to combine events if numbers do not warrant separate divisions. Even if events are combined, we will still award medals to top novices.