Henry County High School Krider Online Invitational

2020 — online, TN/US

Dear Forensics Family:


Welcome to the annual Krider Invitational Speech Tournament hosted by Henry County High School in TN!  We look forward to having you join us virtuallythe week of November 4th -7th


NSDA PFD topic for November:  


Resolved: The United States should adopt a declaratory nuclear policy of no first use.


Impromptu and Extemporaneous Topics will be posted on the right side of this page under "Tournament Pages & Forms" on Tuesday evening at 5pm.  Videos for limited prep are due (link should be added to students entry) by Wednesday by 5pm.  



The tournament will host the following 11 forensics events plus Public Forum Debate. 


● Dramatic Interpretation

● Duo Interpretation

● Extemporaneous Speaking

● Humorous Interpretation

● Impromptu Speaking

● Informative Speaking

● Oratory

● Poetry

● Program Oral Interpretation

● Prose



More information about competition guidelines can be found on the ​the official THSSDL website​ (THSSDL.com). Please take time to review the ​THSSDL guidelines​ as you prepare both your students and judges for competition.


All IE rounds will be asynchronous with prelim judging to be completed anytime from Wednesday November 4th at 5pm central time to Friday the 6th at 6pm central. Finals will be asynchronous as well with judging to be completed before 12:00pm Saturday.  Coaches must provide a video link to the students performance for each entry.  There is a spot for “performance link” on the entry tab for each student’s entry.  Topics for limited prep will be emailed to coaches on Tuesday evening (5 pm) with videos due for those events within 24 hours (by 6pm Wednesday).  There will be only one recording each for limited prep events which will be used throughout the tournament.  We realize this does not follow the rules for the events, but under the circumstances it has been deemed the best option at this time.  Time limits for limited prep will be 7 min with 30 second grace.



Public Forum Debate

All rounds of PFD will be held live on Saturday November 7th with the following schedule;

Round 1 - 8:30am

Round 2 - 10:00 am

Round 3 - 11:30 am

Finals - 1:00 pm




The cost for students to participate in individual events is $7, with Duo Interpretation and PFD charging $14. Students may quad enter, since the events will be asynchronous.




Teams are required to provide 1 judge for every 6 entries into the competition. 6 entries = one judge, 7 entries = 2 judges, etc. In the event you cannot provide the required number of judges, you may hire judges for $30 each. ​Schools ​must​ provide at least one judge. Your judges should be familiar with THSSDL rules and ballots.  All judges will need to have registered tabroom.com accounts and have technology available to effectively judge each round.  Rounds will be asynchronous, and judges will be expected to have prelim rounds completed by 6pm Friday, November 6th.



Finals will be posted on tabroom.com ASAP Friday evening as to get the round information blasted to the judges quickly.  Those rounds will need to be completed by noon on Saturday, November 7th.  Final rounds will consist of the student performance videos used throughout the tournament.



Awards will be given to 1st-6th place in each event and for the top three performing schools for sweeps.  All first place winners in each event will be awarded a $100 Scholarship sponsored by Rotary of Paris.



Teams will be assessed a drop fee of $10 per entry after Wednesday, November 4th at 6pm central. Any judge drop after this deadline will result in a $50 fine. 


Registration will be conducted online on Tuesday, November 3rd, beginning at 3pm central time and ending at 7pm central timeTeams must check in through email to weatherlyd@henryk12.net within this timeframe to review any last minute changes, including drops, adds or subs.  Simply state your status in these areas in the email to allow us time to get the changes in Tabroom.  



Checks for entry fees may be made out and sent to 

Henry County High School Speech Team

315 S. Wilson St.

Paris, TN



We know this is a strange time and tournaments are not looking or feeling quite the same, but at least we’re able to compete, and we are looking forward to your team’s participation in our tournament.  Being virtual and asynchronous, several events will look and feel a bit different this year, however please note that all efforts have been made to make certain the tournament will be equitable for all competitors.  Thank you for understanding.


David Weatherly / Linda Miller

Coach, Henry County Middle School Speech Team

Coach, Henry County High School Speech Team