Henry County Middle School Patriot Online Invitational

2021 — NSDA Campus, TN/US

Just for clarification, our mailing address is below for entries fees.

Henry County Middle School Speech Team

c/o Lakewood School

6745 Hwy 79N

Buchanan, TN




Greetings and Happy New Year!  Now that we are all rested and refreshed from a break (ha ha), I wanted to get the information about our Patriot Invitational out to everyone.  This will keep everyone up to date on the rules we are using (KHSSL state middle school league rules/go to KHSSL.org for details in their handbook) and the details about registration and how we're handling the tournament.

The 2021 Patriot Invitational for Middle Schools

January 19th through 23rd

All events will be asynchronous, including limited prep

Limited prep topics (extemp/impromptu/improv duo) will be sent out to all registered schools, as well as posted on the tournament site, on Sunday afternoon, January 17th.  Those videos will be due by 5pm Central time Monday evening along with all other video links.

Please check to make sure all video links are working as you enter them.  This will save a lot of time, mostly for not having to hunt you down and have you fix a broken or unavailable link.

Please make sure all judges and coaches have a tabroom.com account.  This is needed for blasting the rounds out to judges for prelims and finals.

Make sure all duo events are recorded on Zoom or Google Meet with each student in a separate location to prevent the spread of COVID.

We will not be offering POI or Informative.  Sorry about that.  You may enter any informative speeches into Oratory.

We will try to get all rounds blasted and ready to go on Tuesday evening.  Prelim rounds will be due Thursday, January 21st by 6pm Central time.  Finals will be posted on the tournament site and a video blasted by Friday evening.  Final round judging assignments will be due on Saturday the 23rd by 1pm Central time.  Awards will be announced through a video or live stream on Saturday evening at 6pm Central.  For awards, we will be sending certificates this year.  We will also have a fun video of the awards announcements for you and your students to gather around at their computers to watch via YouTube.  

If you have any questions about the tournament, please feel free to email (weatherlyd@henryk12.net) and I'll help you as best I can. 

Thank you!

David Weatherly, Coach

Henry County Middle School Speech Team