Vines Vikings TFA NIETOC

2021 — Plano, TX/US


Plano, TX 75075

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Dear Texas Coaches and Students,                       

Consider yourself formally invited to the Texas Region 2 Vines Vikings 2021 TFA/NIETOC showdown! We will be hosting this event on January 22nd and 23rd offering your students a chance to earn your spot at the TFA State and NIETOC tournaments. Our viking helmets are on, and we're getting ready to rumble. We are very happy to announce that Vines is hosting the whole shabang this year. We are no longer an IE/congress only tournament. PF, LD, CX, and WSD have been added.

While a lot of things are still up in the air regarding online vs. in person tournaments, and many of the specifics are unclear right now, we'll figure it out in time. This page is just the start of the planning process, and we're happy to have you here. We'll continue to update this page as we get more information. Feel free to reach out with questions. 


We hope to see you there for this exhilarating event on the 22nd and 23rd!



Brandon Fisher, Vines High School 

Tournament Director


Tournament schedule (Subject to change):

January 22nd: 

Congress Prelims: 4:30 PM (Until 7:30 PM)

Section D Prelim 1: 4:30 PM

Section D Prelim 2: 6:30 PM

Section D Prelim 3 (Hi/Low): 8:30 PM

Congress Finals: 8:30 PM (Until 10:30 PM)


January 23rd: 

Section A Prelim 1: 8:00 AM

Section A Prelim 2: 9:30 AM

Section B Prelim 1: 11:00 AM

Section D Quarters: 12:00 PM

Section B Prelim 2: 12:30 PM

Section A Semis: 2:00 PM

Section D Semis: 2:00 PM

Section B Semis: 3:30 PM

Section D Finals: 4:00 PM

Section A and B Finals: 5:00 PM



Section A: USX, IX, OO, DI, DA 


Section C: Congress 

Section D: PF/LD/CX/WSD


Cross-Entry Pattern: If Virtual

- You may enter as many events in section A as you'd like, except for Extemp, in which you can only enter 1. 

- You may enter as many events in section B as you'd like. 

- Congress Debaters may enter any and all events from sections A and B following the above rules, but may not enter in any events from Section D. 

- You may only enter in 1 event from Section D. If you are entered in a section D event, you may also enter in as many section A/B events as you'd like, but are not allowed to enter in Extemp. You also may not enter in Congress if you have entered into a section D event. 


Cross-Entry Pattern: If Brick and Mortar

- Section A and B: You may enter up to 3 events in each EXCEPT if in extemp, you may only enter 1 other event in that section. 

- Congress: You may not enter in section D events, but may enter in section A and B events following the rules above. 

- Section D: You may only enter 1 event in Section D, and can not cross enter in any other events.