Georgetown Fall Tournament

2020 — Georgetown, NY/US



Topics: September-October PF (Medicare), LD (voting), 20-21 (Criminal Justice) Policy

Divisions -- PF

NOVICE -- Brand New
NOVICE -- Debated in MS


Divisions -- Policy & LD


*Critical Information for Everyone


Students *must have accounts to be able to access the platform. We will not use a generic password.


You will receive a pairing via text/email from, just as you would in any other tournament


When you enter the room you should test to make sure your mic and sound are working.


If you have any trouble with sound or MIC, select, “Join room in an alternate way” or “Join Via app


If you have any issues, text 7817750433 with the building you are in, the room number, and the issue you are having


When you enter the room, please make sure your mic is off.  When you speak, please remember to turn your MIC on.


You DO NOT need a Zoom account for this. If you WANT to use the Zoom app, you can enter the zoom meeting code that’s in the room when you enter in the e-building


The system works best with the Chrome browser and does not work with Safari. People have had different experiences with Firefox


The rounds are open for anyone to use (if you are part of a school that is in the tournament), but the rooms have a 24 person capacity, so observers should not enter the rooms until 5 minutes before the debate. Everyone else (judges, debaters) should enter before that.


-High School students CANNOT judge varsity debate divisions under any circumstances
-Middle School students can NEVER judge in any division
-9th graders can only judge only MS.
-10th graders and above who have debated at least one full year prior to this year can judge high school novice and MS and only those two divisions.
-11th & 12th graders and above who have debated at least two full years can judge JV, novice, and MS.

Programs that enter judges into divisions they cannot judge will be disqualified from the tournament.



If you are the director of any program, including individuals who registered independent entries, you must click the “onsite registration” confirmation link on by 5 PM ET, October 9 if you wish to participate in the tournament. If you have any changes, please email them to  Pairings will be released no later than 6:00 PM. If you fail to register, you will be left off of the pairings. If you register students who are not ready to debate, you will be fined $75.00


*Internet Connections

We really encourage everyone to do the best they can to strengthen their internet connections over the next few days. Suggestions - 

(1) Sit near your wireless router. This is the fastest way to improve the strength of your connection.
(2) Purchase a new router and a wireless boost. A new router can help boost your connection and in-room wireless boost devices can help strengthen the signal.
(3) Purchase an ethernet cable and connect the cable directly to your computer. 

We realize these may cost a bit of money, but the costs are lower than traveling to tournaments and these measures will help students with their e-learning for the rest of the year. 


Although we are not going to *require that students turn on video, we are going to *strongly encourage it and *expect that judges keep video on.  After the practice tournament, many students expressed concern that they couldn't take advantage of visual cues that are normally provided by competitors and judges during the debate.  Debate clearly has strong verbal and visual components that are lost without cameras. Also, many expressed concern that there is no way at all to know if students are receiving outside prep assistance if they leave their cameras off.
If you are concerned about other people seeing parts of the room you are debating in, please simply do your best to position yourself against a wall.

*Evidence Exchange

All students who participate in this tournament should be prepared to freely exchange evidence (this is normal in LD and Policy but rare to non-existent in PF).   Email chains are set-up before the debate and involve each debater putting their email address in an in-round email group (this often includes the judge, if the judge requests) to exchange evidence. If students are uncomfortable sharing personal email addresses, we encourage them to create a free temporary email address to share in the group.


Critical Information for Judges


When you enter the room, please enter as Judge-Your Name

After you are in the room, please account for all debaters. Once the debaters are present, please click, “Start Round” on, just as you normally would.


After you are finished, please fill out the results on just as you normally would


Please avoid @ home distractions while judging


Please disclose if you wish, but please enter the results as soon as you have a decision.


PF debaters have 4 minutes of prep time. 

Basic steps that will also help the debate advance

Check the names of each person (including observers) Students: School-first name, Judge: first last and "judge". Observers: first, last and school affiliation (this could be tab, could be parent, could be school/coach). Anyone can change this during the tech time, so make sure everyone has the proper naming.
Check Cameras -- ask everyone to have a camera on, including yourself.  
Suggest Gallery view
Test volume -- ask each debater to read something at their "debate pace" for say 15-20 seconds to test volume and clarity.
7) Explain that everyone muted except the speaker(s) and that they can see this when they are ready to speak by looking at the microphone settings for each person in the gallery.
Ask the debaters if they have a prep method (phone call, or separate chat)
Ask for any clarifications or questions.


Monitor what happens in the debate room.  Even if you don't want on the email chain, you should be to monitor arrival times of email and format of exchange.  Feel free to pause before a cross fire or a speech if an observer has entered the room that is not correctly identified by their name.

Critical Information for Debaters

     -- Before you enter the room it will ask you your name. Please us the following naming convention (School Name, Initials).  Example: (Lakeland BM) Stefan

PF Sides


-Sides will be set in PF.


Other Useful Information


How to debate with a partner remotely (UK Debate)

Remote Coaching Guide (UK Debate)

TOC Online Best Practices and Procedures (UK Debate)  We will follow these as applicable.

YouTube Webinar -- Lincoln Garret & Priten Shah (System Developer)


$110/PF team

$125/Policy entry







Friday, October 9 -- ALL EVENTS -- ALL TIMES ARE ET


5:30 -- Pairings released

6:00 PM ET --
Round 1, Flight a -- PF, Policy, LD. 

7:15Round 1, Flight b

8:30 PM ET -- Round 2, Flight a -- PF, LD

9:30 Round 2, Flight b 


9:00 PM ET -- Round 2 -- Policy


Saturday, October 10 -- PF & LD 

10 AM ET -- Round 3,

11am flight 2
12:00 PM ET -- Round 4, 1
1pm flight 2

2:00 PM ET -- Round 5,

3pm flight 2

4:00 PM ET -- Round 6,
5pm flight 2

6:00 PM -- Double Octofinals (LD will start with quarterfinals)

7:30 PM-- Octofinals

8:30:/9 PM -- Quarterfinals



Semifinals will start Sunday at 10am ET

Saturday, October 10 Policy

10 am -- Round 3

12:30 PM Round 4

3pm pm -- Round 5

5:30 pm -- Round 6

8pm -- Quarterfinals

Sunday, October 11 Policy

10am -- semifinals

12:30pm -- finals