Lancer Invitational

2020 — NSDA Campus, WI/US

Welcome to the Online Lancer Invitational!

Thank you to everyone who is joining us (snow or no) for our first online debate tournament! Due to increased access, and less travel cost, we are opening our tournament to out-of-state competitors! So thank you to anyone from other states who are choosing to join us in Wisconsin this weekend!

Please utilize the on-site check in if you have no changes. Otherwise, email with your changes day of.

We will offer two days of debate, starting Friday evening, and going through all day Saturday. We will be using NSDA Campus as our platform, as is Wisconsin convention.

In addition to Varsity divisions in each event, we will be offering JV PF/LD. This division is open to first and second year debaters. This is the only restriction in these divisions.

Wisconsin also offers a novice policy division. Entries in this division must be first year debaters - This means if your student did PF/LD last year and is doing policy for the first time this year, they are not eligible to compete in this division. Teams entered in this division are restricted to using arguments in the Wisconsin Debate Coaches' Association's novice packet, which can be found here.

The WDCA is utilizing multiple contact people in Tab Rooms for different categories of issues. Please email the following email addresses if you are having issues in your rounds:

Tab issues (scheduling, judge missing, student missing) -

Tech issues (can't enter a room, audio not working) -

Equity issues (harassment, inappropriate comments, inclusion issues) -

These emails are the FASTEST way to get a response from the correct person and keep our tournament running on time. Please utilize them before you come to Zoom to report an issue. That being said, the Zoom room from the intro meeting will be open all day for questions.

My contact info if you have any questions:

David Umstot