Rockdale Magnet Hot Cocoa Classic

2020 — Conyers, GA/US

Rockdale Magnet Hot Cocoa Classic


Welcome to the inaugural year of the Rockdale Magnet Hot Cocoa Classic! Our tournament offers both synchronous debate events and asynchronous speech events. 

We will offer the following asynchronous speech events:  Original Oratory, Dramatic Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Informative Speaking, Program Oral Interpretation, Modified Asynchronous Impromptu , Middle School Program Oral Interpretation, and Middle School Modified Asynchronous Impromptu.

Participants will pre-record and upload their speeches/performances by 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 10, and judges will score and rank them on the day of the tournament.   

We will offer synchronous Public Forum (special thanks to Richard Bracknell for setting up and tabbing) and Lincoln Douglas (special thanks to Pam Childress for setting up and tabbing).  Debaters rounds will be hosted on the NSDA Tabroom platform. 

In all divisions, we have a 25-entry cap, with an initial cap of 6 entries per school.  Entries beyond that will be waitlisted and may be entered into the tournament as numbers allow.

The RMHCC will not accept independent entries.  A school coach/teacher must enter students into the tournament, and a school authorized adult must be available (virtually) at all times during the tournament. 

Entry fees are $10 per entry for individual events and $15 for Public Forum.  There is no school entry fee, as we are trying to keep fees low to accommodate as many participants as possible.  We request that you provide all required judges, as we will be unable to provide hired judges for the tournament. 

All entrants should follow the GFCA guidelines for their designated events.  All recordings should have a stable and stationary camera (no panning, no zooming, no moving), and competitors must remain on screen at all times.  Performances and speeches must be unedited, but competitors may trim the beginning and end of videos to cut themselves setting up, starting, and/or stopping the camera.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  The Rockdale Magnet Speech and Debate Team looks forward to hosting you at our new tournament! 

Thank you,


Cherie Ullo