Henry County Middle School Black Book Invitational

2020 — Online, TN/US

Greetings Forensics Friends!


The past few months have seemed to move both in slow motion and at the speed of light.  Our world has undergone a significant change that has altered (hopefully temporarily) our work and social landscape.  With school already starting for some and soon for others, our school has decided to be proactive with regard to tournaments this season.  So we are offering the inaugural “Black Book Invitational”, which will be held October 24th online using tabroom.com.  Since this will be an early bird tournament for many schools, we will be offering only the “black book” and limited prep events.  No memorized events at this time to help ease the stress.  We will be offering the following events;









The limited number of events will also help us as we navigate the new waters of the online tournament world.


Cost will be $6 per entry with your team providing 1 judge per 5 entries.  There will be unlimited entries per team in each event.  


The schedule will be as follows (all times in Central Time Zone)

Registration - 8 - 8:30 am

Round One - 9:00 am

Round Two - 10:30 am

Round Three - 12:00 am

Finals - 2:00 pm

Awards - 6:00 pm



We will be using NSDA Campus for competition.  Students, coaches and judges must have access to a camera and a microphone to participate in the tournament.  It is recommended that students and judges get to their virtual room at least 30 minutes before the round begins.  More information about limited prep events will come closer to the tournament date.  Teams will be assessed a $10 drop/add fee per entry after Monday October 19th at 6pm central.  Any adds/drops on the day of the tournament will incur a fee of $20 per entry.  Any judge drop will incur a $50 fine.  All teams should register through tabroom.  We will be awarding certificates for all finalists.  Also, top three schools will receive sweepstakes certificates.  Awards will be held in the evening to accommodate families so they can get together and celebrate.


There will be links to competition rooms provided through email or text to the student, coaches and judges.  We will also provide a virtual meeting room for you and your team to gather all day when needed.  As this is all online, you will need to make sure that you, your coaches, students and judges all have a valid email address and tabroom account to access the rounds and rooms.


This is a brave new world we are diving into this year and we would love for your team to join us as we map out new terrain.  We hope you’ll join us in providing this new opportunity for students, many of whom may have no other options for extracurricular activities this year.  We look forward to a relatively stress free day of online competition.


Let me know through email if you have any questions.



David Weatherly, Coach

Henry County Middle School Speech Team