The Speech Tournament at the End of the Universe

2020 — Online, US

The Speech Tournament at the End of the Universe is a free tournament offering IX, USX, Impromptu and Oratory (OOs, OAs and propless Infos are welcome).  The tournament welcomes bored intergalactic hitchhikers and high school, middle school and college students waiting out stay at home orders.  The tournament is run via Webex and Zoom and will take place on the 29nd and 30th of August.  Extemp will have cross examination. 


Sign-Up Information: 

Competitors can sign up using Tabroom.  Competitors unable to sign up using Tabroom may use the independent entry sign up form.  

Judge can sign up using the judge sign up form.  Judges are volunteers. 


Remind Codes: 

Please text @univend to 810-10 to join the general tournament Remind.  If you are an independent, please also text @univind to 810-10.  



Pattern A: IX and Oratory

Pattern B: USX and Impromptu