BCFL Summer Debate Challenge I

2020 — Online, BC/CA

This tournament is for BCFL summer camp students only. Please look pairing to see which room you are assigned. Results will be posted once all the rounds are over. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at sukhal2000@gmail.com.


General Rules for the Public Forum

We will follow NSDA's most recent time for the PF debate. Due to current circumstances, we will not personally show cards. Instead, we will use a website called speechdrop.net. Information on how to share cards is uploaded on the right. Below are times of each speech. Maximum speaker score you can get is 30 and minimum is 1. Low speak win is possible (you can still win with lower speaker point). Students are allowed to ask for judge's paradigm before the round begins. Do not cut speeches, and if something unexpected happened that you have to cut speeches, contact tab right away.

Time for PF

*Each team gets 3 minutes of prep time.

Team A Constructive Speech - 4 minutes

Team B Constructive Speech - 4 minutes

Crossfire - 3 minutes

Team A Rebuttal Speech - 4 minutes

Team B Rebuttal Speech - 4 minutes

Crossfire - 3 minutes

Team A Summary Speech - 3 minutes

Team B Summary Speech - 3 minutes

Grand Crossfire - 3 minutes

Team A Final Focus - 2 minutes

Team B Final Focus - 2 minutes


General Rules for the Original Oratory

1. Max speaker point you can get is 20 and minimum is 1. The only way you can get 1 is if you didn't speak anything (No tied ranks are possible, but tied speaker points are allowed).

2. There is no minimum time, but there is a maximum time limit of 10. If you go over 10 minutes, you will lose 1 point for every minute you exceed the limit and you cannot get first place. The best you can get is second place.

3. Do not interrupt other people's speeches. You will lose points if you constantly do it.


General Rules and Time for Spar

There will be 2 topics and 2 sides to choose from. Winner of the coin flip gets to decide the topic or side first. Affirmative always starts first. 

Time for Spar

Mandatory prep time - 1 minute

Affirmative Constructive Speech - 2 minutes

Cross Examination by the Negative - 1 minute

Negative Constructive Speech - 2 minutes

Cross examination by the Affirmative - 1 minute

Mandatory prep time - 1 minute

Affirmative Rebuttal - 2 minutes

Negative Rebuttal - 2 minuets 

Mandatory prep time - 1 minute 

Affirmative Summary - 2 minutes

Negative Summary - 2 minuets