Westlake Thunderdome Virtual Invitational

2020 — Saratoga Springs, UT/US


Welcome to the 2020 Westlake Thunderdome Virtual Speech and Debate Invitational!


While we are very excited to have you all with us, please know that we are all taking risks and trying new things..so please be patient and kind as always. 


Dates: October 23-24, 2020

Location: Online Virtual Tournament through Tabroom.com

Tournament Host/Director: Tanya Roundy, troundy@alpinedistrict.org

Cost: $15/day ($30 both days--to cover the cost of rooms)

$4/person per event

Judges: Speech 1:5, CX 1:2, Debates 1:4, Congress 1:6

(judges can judge both speech and debate events)


Students may double, triple or quadruple enter in Speech Events!

They may only participate in one Debate event!

Novice and Varsity Divisions Available

“Trophies” will be mailed to the schools

 ***Novice LD will use the Varsity Topic***

NOTE: Memorized Speech events: Oratory, Interps, Lip Sync, Newscaster, Informative

  1. Must be recorded (without any editing) and uploaded as an unlisted youtube/google drive file (don’t use a school drive as it often blocks access--suggestion-create a team email/drive account an use that for either drive or youtube)

  2. Speeches should be recorded that week and uploaded by Thursday. 

  3. Put the link for the video in the description/title section for that competitor’s speech in tabroom.

  4. Will be judged in real time via tabroom.


Friday: Novice and Varsity Speech Events


Mixed Extemp



Interps (HI/DI/DUO/POI--Depending on number of entries will determine if they are combined or held separately.) (Asynchronous)

Oratory (asynchronous)




US Extemp

Int Extemp



(Asynchronous events listed below)







Mixed Fun Events (prerecorded and submitted as an unlisted youtube link in event)

Yes to props, scripts, and having lots of fun. NO to Greenscreens, special affects, or editing.
Newscaster 1-2 people

Lip Sync 1-6 people

Saturday Debate






Congress (First session will be a learning session as needed for novice)

World Schools (mixed nov/varsity teams ok) 1  Prepared Motion ( 2 Rounds)


Note: Congress sessions will be limited to 12 contestants per room with up to 3 judges and will have preset precedence.




2:30-3pm Online Check in (Join your team rooms)

2:45pm Judge Instructions in Judge/coach Room

3pm Main Room Everyone

Extemp Prep to Start at 3:15pm (at end of main meeting) and 15 min before start of each round.

3:30pm Round 1

5pm Round 2

7pm Round 3


Saturday: (Double Flighted)

7-7:30am Check in (Join your team rooms)

                 Judge Instructions

7:30 am Main Meeting for Everyone

8am Round 1/Session 1

11am Round 2

11:30am Session 2

2pm Round 3


4:30pm Awards in Main Room 


Awards for top 5 in each event

*School Size will be determined by number of students entered per school

Large School Sweepstakes Award 

Small School Sweepstakes Award

(Based on Number of Entries/school)

*Sweepstakes will be done using NSDA points 

Speech: Points by placement per round

Debate: Points by win/loss per round

Congress: Points by placement overall