Athens Round Robin

2020 — Zoom, CA/US

Hello and welcome to the Athens Round Robin!


The tournament will take place from August 7-10


The only event that is being offered is LD debate


We will be using Slack and Zoom for the tournament. A slack workspace invitation will be sent out a week or so before the tournament.


This tournament is called a “round robin”, but it isn’t a round robin as you know it. In this tournament, every competitor entered will debate everybody else, in prelims. Whether you think we’re doing this because it’s cool, or because we completely misunderstood what a round robin is, is up to you to decide. The ideal number of entries is 10 people. With 10 entries, there will be 9 preliminary rounds, completed over three days. 


This tournament is only for students of Athens, and some other people. If you found this page on tab, it probably isn't for you :( However, we'll be hosting another tournament in the future that will be open to all, so stay tuned!


No matter how many entries we receive, we will be breaking to semifinals, with or without runoffs, depending on if it’s needed. 


Schedule: Below is a basic schedule, with no designation of prelim and elim rounds- this is because we do not know how many prelims rounds there will be, until we know how many entries we have. The correct schedule will be sent out once we have all of the entries. 

note: the correct version of the schedule will be much shorter than the one below




10:00 - round 1

1:00 - round 2

3:30 - round 3

6:00 - round 4




9:00 - round 5

11:30 - round 6 

2:00 - round 7

5:00 - round 8


SUNDAY, AUGUST 9 (last day if there are no more than 10 entries)


9:00 - round 9 

11:30 - round 10 

2:00 - round 11

5:00 - round 12


MONDAY, AUGUST 10 (buffer day, in case of extra entries)


If we get enough entries that we would get to this point, we will send it out in the updated schedule.