Daily Debate 4

2020 — Austin, TX/US

Welcome to Daily Debate #4!

We're glad to have you here, judge or competitor. This edition is particularly special, due to a series of developments:

    A) The addition of Policy Debate,

    B) New tab moderators so that everything runs smoothly

    C) Efforts on fixing backend ballot issues as well as plenty more issues that affect both judges and competitors,

And many more!


    For those of you who are unfamiliar with Daily Debate Online, we run on Discord, a computer and web application designed to facilitate communication among large groups of people. This can be installed simply -- google has plenty of resources. Due to this tournament being run online, we're able to accept competitors regardless of location, so the Austin Texas in the details is merely the location from which the tournament is hosted.

    The link for the Discord server is here for those of you who are not a part of it yet. For info on the tournament, please reach out to any of the moderators or the admin! We'll surely be happy to help. However, before you ask, please check the FAQ before you ask.

1. What's the date?

     The date is June 26th to June 27th.

2. What's the schedule?

     That can be found on the schedule page on this website.

3. Why am I not able to register? It says "You do not have access to any schools to register for tournaments with. Please create one before proceeding".

    Basically tab requires the admin of your team's account (your coach) to register you through tab under that account. However, many competitors register under their own or a friend's tab school that they created to register themselves for tournaments. Remember not to name it after your school's team, as that will lead to confusion w/ tab when registering teams as there will be 2 with the exact same name. To create one, click the blue "Create your institution" button and fill in the data that you are able to.

4. Can I register as a maverick in Policy?
    Yes, you can! 

5. What topic will the tournament be on?

    January-February for LD, and the 2019-2020 topic for Policy.

This will continually be updated to account for newly asked questions.

6. What timezone is the tournament in?