Novice Round Robin

2020 — NY, US

Novice Round Robin

Hello there! We (The City League or TCL) are hosting a tournament for the summer. We know that most of us are (unfortunately) going to be stuck inside this summer, so we want to create a fun way for debaters to participate in a tournament from the comfort of their homes. This tourment is from July 1st to the 2nd

This tournament is for beginners or novices who started debate this year, or last year who are interested in participating. If you are interested in competing please download discord before hand so we don't have any tech issue during the debate so we can keep the schedule on track. If you are unfamiliar or having trouble with discord please e-mail either of us and we can help you navigate it.

If you are a judge interested please make sure you have a paradigm and you are on the more experienced side of debating, we love volunteer judges, but nobody wants to get judge screwed by a lay judge! However, if you do get judge screwed or you do believe that your judge was biased please contact us and we will review their RFD but please don't yell at us if we deem it legit. 

The PF topic is the Septober topic because I know that was a popular one

Topic: Resolved: The European Union should Join the Belt and Road Initiative.

The discord link is