Debate for Change

2020 — New York City, NY/US


Welcome to Debate for Change 2020!!!

UPDATE (AS OF 6/17/20): LD, Extemp, and Congress, unfortunately, have been cancelled because of a lack of entries- PF, Policy, and Speech are still continuing as planned. 


Also, if you are PF, here is the Discord link (it's also on the page specific for PF):

This info is for ALL events offered at the tournament:

This is a completely student-run online tournament that we created to benefit organizations that support Black Lives Matter. We wanted to use our platform to spread awareness and support Black people in the fight against police brutality and institutionalized racism. Debate is meant as a forum for engaged and educated discussions about current events, and we thought that hosting a tournament dedicated to supporting BLM is a great way of making our voices heard.

This tournament will cost $5 per person ($10 per team— if you’re a maverick, it’s still 5, though). Judges are expected to donate, too! To judge, you must be a current senior or graduate. To compete, you can be a rising sophomore, junior, or senior.

100% of the proceeds will go to the organization We The Protesters. WTP is an organization that aims at reducing police violence against Black people by developing data-driven, evidence-based solutions. They work on compiling data about police brutality, developing toolkits for communities to hold their police forces in check, supporting and uplifting Black voices, and bringing justice to victims of police brutality. Check them and their awesome causes/projects (including Campaign Zero) out here:

HOW TO PAY: You should pay the tournament fee through a Gofundme that we have set up for this cause. The proceeds will go directly to the organization! IMPORTANT: To ensure that we can verify you donated, use your full name when donating, and leave a comment after you donate that says your event and the name that you entered under in Tabroom. You should enter yourself on the tournament FIRST, then pay the Gofundme, but we will not accept your entry until you have paid. This is the link:

If you can donate more, please feel free to! The point of this tournament is to raise as much money as possible, so if you feel you are able to donate more, we encourage it. However, the tournament fee is also not intended to be a barrier to accessibility; if you are unable to afford the fee but still want to compete, please get in touch with us.

The tournament will run from Friday, 6/19 to Saturday, 6/20.

THE TOURNAMENT INVITATION IS SPECIFIC TO PUBLIC FORUM DEBATE, AND IS NOT UPDATED. You can also check the pages for each specific event for more information (located under "Tournament Forms" on the right side of this page).