The Tradition

2020 — Nsda Campus, US




Awards are projected for 6:00pm EST. We wanted to give a safety cushion to allow for a thorough audit (No Steve Harvey situations :P ) 

At awards we will recognize non-advancing semifinalists and finalists of Speech and Congress, recognize non-advancing competitors of LD, PF and Policy and Debate speaker awards. 

Awards will be through Zoom. A Zoom link will go Live on our Main Page and Awards doc 30 minutes before the projected start (6pm EST). Feel free to invite coaches, family and friends. But not like the whole family and your IG followers cuz we can only fit 1,000.

*****Observers Mic and Camera must be off the entire time. But feel free to RESPECTFULLY cheer on each other in the chat. There will be moderators to make sure of this :) 

For non advancing Competitors: When your category is announced on Zoom (For example: Semi finalists of Informative speaking) all of you will turn your cameras on and give us a smile as we recognize you. Then please turn your camera off so we can recognize the next category. 

For Finalists: When your category is announced on Zoom (For example: Finalists of US Extemp) all of you will turn your cameras on and give us a smile. However, when your name and placing is called please turn your camera off. This will continue until our champion is left smiling proudly <3 







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2020 The Tradition @Nsda Campus

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Cypress DeBAYte Team, we cordially invite you to attend the

Annual Tradition Tournament to be held at Cypress Bay High School in beautiful

Weston, FL on Saturday and Sunday November 14th and 15th. The Cypress DeBAYte

Team promises to digitally continue our tradition of top-notch competition, exceptional judging,

friendly hospitality, and a new fun theme! The tournament will recognize the top novice

in each event as well as offer all NSDA main events, and impromptu. We have retained

TOC Bids in PF (Quarterfinals), LD (Finals), Congress (Finals), Speech and in Policy

(Finals). NIETOC Bids in all speech events not including limited prep.


*ALL speech events are SYNCHRONOUS except duo interpretation*


Deadlines/Entries: All entries are due by October 30th at 5:00pm(EST), but we are

expecting registration to fill-up much sooner so register ASAP! Fees will be frozen at

that time. Any drops after that date will be accessed at a $25 drop fee. After November

12th at 11am(EST), you will forfeit the entry fee. If you drop any events or entries the day of, or

do not report a drop, you will be charged the entry fee plus an additional $50. 

DUO Submissions are due the week of November 3-10th


$100 Varsity Policy team

$50 Novice Policy team

$100 Varsity Public Forum team

$50 Junior Varsity Public Forum

$50 Lincoln Douglas Entry

$50 Congressional Debate Entry

$50 per individual event entry

($10 for double entry)

$15 Novice Congress (Saturday only)


We will waive entry fees for UDL schools


Judging Requirement:

1 judge for every 2 Policy/PF/LD entries or fraction thereof

1 judge for every 5 IE/Congress entries or fraction thereof

We strongly recommend you provide your own qualified judges for each event. We are

only able to hire a very limited number of judges. For every uncovered judge you will be

charged $150; uncovered policy debate judges will be charged $200. Any rounds

missed by judges from your school, will result in an additional $75 fee per round. It is

not our goal to make a profit from missed rounds; however, having present/competent

judges is vital to running a successful online tournament.


Prefs/Strikes: Prefs will be available in policy. Strikes will be available for PF and LD.

Prefs/Strikes will be released November 10th via Tabroom and are due Friday November

13th at 7pm(EST).

Resolutions/Topic Areas: We will be using the November/December topic in PF and

LD. Congress legislation and Impromptu, Extemp topic areas will be posted no later

than November 2nd. Novice Policy will be using the NDCA novice packet. Congress Chambers will be posted November 9th. Congress

legislation is due by Monday, October 12th at 5:00pm(EST). Please email legislation to with the subject as “Legislation.”


Schedule: We will be returning to our normal schedule will run SIX rounds in debate and FIVE rounds in IEs. Congress will have THREE preliminary sessions, Semis, and Finals. Students may double enter in


Registration will be conducted online only, and we encourage you to browse the tabs

above to find any additional information regarding our tournament. A detailed schedule

is forthcoming, but know on Saturday and Sunday, events will begin at 9:00am(EST). Please

do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. For more information, feel free

to follow our quirky Instagram @cypressdebayte. 

 Please email all forms to 

Warmest Digital Regards,


Rachel West- Tournament Director/Head coach of Speech/ DeBayte Director of

Speech and Debate Phone: (331)-643-5193


Nick Montecalvo -Head Coach of Debate/Assistant Director of Speech and Debate


Ellis Fraser - Head Coach of Speech


Camille Esin and Kiran Raja

Student Directors


All Parents of the


CBHS Administration


All Supportive District

Coaches and Mentors